New resolution conducive to maintain political momentum in Syria peace process

2015-12-19 10:04:49

The UN Security Council on Friday unanimously adopted a resolution to urge the launch of the Syria peace talks in early January, stressing that "the Syrian people will decide the future of Syria."

UN Security Council passes resolution on Syria

2015-12-19 06:59:17

The UN Security Council unanimously passed a resolution on Friday calling for a ceasefire in Syria's five-year-old civil war and political talks to be mediated by the UN to end the conflict.

FM calls for representative, balanced, inclusive Syria talks

2015-12-19 09:27:37

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday called for representative, balanced and inclusive Syria talks while attending the third ministerial-level meeting of the International Support Group for Syria in New York.

UN endorses roadmap for Syria peace process

2015-12-19 07:50:00

The UN Security Council on Friday adopted a resolution endorsing an international roadmap for a Syrian-led political transition in order to end the country's conflict, which calls for Syria peace talks to begin in early January.

Saudi Arabia announces 34-state Islamic military alliance against terrorism

2015-12-15 10:00:15

Saudi Arabia announced the formation of a 34-state Islamic military coalition to combat terrorism.

Lebanon issues arrest warrant for Gaddafi's son

2015-12-15 09:50:55

Lebanon issued an arrest warrant on Monday for Hannibal Gaddafi, son of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, for withholding information on a former Lebanese Shiite spiritual leader who disappeared in Libya.

20 women elected to local government in historic step toward gender equality

2015-12-15 08:05:15

Saudi voters elected 20 women for local government seats, a day after women voted and ran in elections for the first time in the country's history.

Yemeni president says ceasefire to begin

2015-12-15 09:05:37

Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi ordered the ceasefire to start on Tuesday morning, to coincide with the kick-off of UN-sponsored peace talks in Switzerland.

12 IS militants killed in air strike in western Iraq

2015-12-14 17:29:21

An air strike by US-led coalition aircraft targeting a position of the terrorist Islamic State (IS) group in Iraq's western province of Anbar on Sunday killed 12 IS militants.

IS finance minister, two other senior leaders killed in airstrikes: Pentagon

2015-12-11 09:23:22

The US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State (IS) has killed the extremist group's finance minister and two other senior leaders in airstrikes, the Pentagon said on Thursday.

Turkey detains over 900 IS militants in 2015

2015-12-11 20:44:15

Turkish security forces have detained a total of 913 Islamic State (IS) militants since January as they were trying to illegally cross through Turkey's border, private Dogan News Agency reported on Friday.

Any forces threatening Russian military in Syria to be destroyed -- Putin

2015-12-11 20:42:50

Any forces threatening Russian military targets in Syria will be immediately destroyed, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday at a Defense Ministry Board session.