Saudi princess charged with US human trafficking

2013-07-12 08:10:10

Meshael Alayban, a 42-year-old Saudi princess, was arrested and charged with one felony count of human trafficking for allegedly holding the woman and forcing her to work against her will.

Russia flies aid to Palestinian refugees in Syria

2013-07-11 21:20:36

Russia on Thursday delivered a consignment of humanitarian aid to Palestinian refugees in Syria.

US to deliver fighter jets to Egypt

2013-07-11 08:02:04

The US is moving ahead with plans to deliver four F-16s to Egypt despite the ongoing debate about the military's overthrow of President Mohammed Morsi.

Syrian rebels inflicted heavy losses by army

2013-07-10 21:53:42

The Syrian army inflicted heavy losses on rebels in many towns and areas in the country's central province of Homs on Wednesday.

Morsi in 'safe place,' not allowed out for safety

2013-07-10 21:48:02

Egypt's Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr said Wednesday that deposed President Mohamed Morsi is in a safe place and well treated, but not allowed out for his own safety

Egypt's interim rulers name new prosecutor

2013-07-10 21:36:31

Egypt's interim authorities named a new prosecutor general on Wednesday, completing a contentious legal process that removed the man appointed by deposed President Mohamed Mursi.

Egypt names prime minister

2013-07-10 07:44:04

Gulf states showered Cairo with $8 billion in aid on Tuesday, showing their support for the Egyptian army's move to push the Muslim Brotherhood from power, a day after troops killed dozens of the movement's supporters.

Russia claims rebels used chemical weapons in Syria

2013-07-10 06:33:01

Russia said on Tuesday it had forensic proof that rebels have used a "lethal" sarin compound and handed its evidence to the UN team for inquiry.

Laden's life on the run revealed

2013-07-09 10:54:31

Osama bin Laden lived in plain sight for almost a decade and was once even pulled over for speeding but not apprehended, thanks to the incompetence of Pakistan's intelligence and security services, an official report into his killing said on Monday.

Ramadan to begin on Wednesday in Jordan

2013-07-09 07:51:06

Jordan will observe the holy month of Ramadan on Wednesday, Chief Islamic Justice Ahmad Helayel announced Monday.

Egypt sets up committee to investigate attack

2013-07-08 20:56:32

Egypt's interim administration expressed "deep regret" for those killed in violence in Cairo on Monday, it said in a statement carried on the state news agency.

Egyptian soldier killed in armed attack in Sinai

2013-07-08 05:59:45

One soldier was killed in an attack by a group of militants in Egypt's North Sinai on Sunday, a security source told Xinhua.