Iran nuclear talks end with a breakthrough deal

2013-11-24 16:04:14

After intensive negotiations, the P5+1 group and Iran have reached a first-step agreement on Iran's nuclear program, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton announced early Sunday morning.

Iran nuclear talks over, diplomat says; no word on results

2013-11-24 09:22:21

Nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers ended early on Sunday, an Iranian diplomat said, but there was no immediate word on whether a long-sought deal had been reached.

Top diplomats gather in Geneva on unscheduled fourth day of Iran nuclear talks

2013-11-24 02:12:39

The top diplomats from China, the United States, Russia, Britain, France and Germany gathered in Geneva on Saturday to join the ongoing international talks on the Iranian nuclear issue.

Egypt expels Turkish ambassador, Turkey retaliates

2013-11-24 02:03:16

Egypt said on Saturday it was expelling Turkey's ambassador and accused Ankara of backing organizations bent on undermining the country - an apparent reference to the Muslim Brotherhood of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Mursi.

Egypt recalls ambassador to Turkey

2013-11-23 18:58:01

Egypt has decided to recall its ambassador to Turkey and summon the Turkish envoy here, the Foreign Ministry spokesman was quoted by state-run Ahram online on Saturday.

Over 9m Syrians need humanitarian aid

2013-11-22 09:54:02

Some 9.3 million Syrian people need humanitarian assistance, but continued fighting has constrained the aid workers, a UN spokesperson said Thursday.

25 killed, 45 wounded in bomb attack in Iraq's Diyala

2013-11-21 21:32:50

Twenty five people were killed and up to 45 others wounded in a minibus bomb attack in Iraq's eastern province of Diyala on Thursday, a provincial governor and police said.

Hezbollah calls for calm after Iranian embassy bombing

2013-11-21 02:08:38

A Hezbollah leader appealed for calm on Wednesday and an easing of sectarian tensions in Lebanon, a day after twin suicide bombings struck the Iranian embassy in Beirut.

Hopes rise for accord in nuclear negotiation

2013-11-21 01:37:36

Hopes have risen of a breakthrough preliminary deal in talks on Iran's nuclear program, observers said, as the second round of negotiations within a month between Iran and the world's major powers began on Wednesday.

Syria's chemical weapons may be destroyed at sea

2013-11-20 12:05:18

Syria's chemical weapons could be processed and destroyed out at sea, say sources familiar with discussions at the international body in charge of eliminating the toxic arsenal.

Suicide bombings kill 23 near Iran embassy in Beirut

2013-11-20 09:48:46

Two suicide bombings rocked Iran's embassy compound in Lebanon on Tuesday, killing at least 23 people including an Iranian cultural attache and hurling bodies and burning wreckage across a debris-strewn street.

Iran slams Beirut blasts as inhumane and spiteful'

2013-11-19 20:35:11

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham strongly condemned the deadly blasts that targeted the Iranian embassy in Beirut on Tuesday.