Iraq bombing wave kills more than 60

2013-08-11 15:24:31

More than 60 people were killed and over 200 others wounded in a wave of bombings attacks across Iraq on Saturday, mostly in the capital Baghdad, according to latest data given by officials and local media.

US drone strikes kill 5 al-Qaida members in Yemen

2013-08-11 09:28:26

Up to five al-Qaida militants were killed Saturday evening when US drone strikes hit their vehicles in Yemen's southern province of Lahj.

40 killed in attacks across Iraq

2013-08-11 04:11:39

At least 40 people were killed and 250 others wounded in a wave of violent attacks across Iraq on Saturday, mostly in the capital Baghdad, police said.

Two Turkish pilots kidnapped in Lebanon

2013-08-09 19:28:54

Two Turkish pilots were kidnapped on a bus in Lebanon's capital of Beirut early Friday, according to a security source.

Israelis, Palestinians to continue peace talks

2013-08-09 14:37:52

The Israelis and Palestinians will start their second and third rounds of peace talks after they resumed the talks in Washington late July.

Damascus says Assad was not attacked

2013-08-09 08:28:05

Syrian authorities have taken the rare step of denying media reports of an attack on President Bashar al-Assad's motorcade as he travelled to a mosque to mark a Muslim holiday.

Libyan militants charged over Benghazi attack

2013-08-07 10:46:18

US Justice Department has filed sealed criminal charges against one or several Libyan militants in connection with an attack on the US diplomatic post in Benghazi.

Egyptian govt to say mediation failed

2013-08-07 08:11:26

The chances for a negotiated end to Egypt's political crisis looked to have hit the rocks with the army-installed government reportedly ready to declare that foreign mediation efforts had failed.

Gunmen shoot down military chopper in Yemen

2013-08-06 21:57:27

Yemeni gunmen shot down a military helicopter in Yemen's central province of Marib on Tuesday, local police officials said.

Yemen offers $25,000 for wanted al-Qaida members

2013-08-06 18:48:09

Yemen's higher security committee has offered a reward of $25,000 for those who give information leading to the arrest of 25 most wanted al-Qaida members.

US urges its citizens to leave Yemen

2013-08-06 18:41:45

The United States told its citizens in Yemen on Tuesday to leave the country immediately because of what is said was the continued potential for terrorist attacks.

Women work alongside men at checkpoints

2013-08-06 08:15:48

When arriving in Pakistan, foreigners may be amazed to learn that young women - such as Gulnaz Malik - serve at security checkpoints in a country where women's lives remain largely mysterious to outsiders.