Iran commemorates Iran-Iraq war anniversary

2014-09-23 08:05:27

Iranian soldiers parade to commemorate the anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88) in Tehran on Sept 22, 2014.

US, partner nations launch first strikes in Syria

2014-09-23 10:08:50

The United States and partner nations are carrying out the first air strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria, the Pentagon said on Monday.

Iraq rejects presence of foreign ground troops to fight IS

2014-09-23 10:00:09

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al- Abadi said Monday that Iraq rejects the presence of foreign ground troops in the country to fight the Islamic State militant group.

Dubai to increase its economic attraction

2014-09-17 20:55:22

Since 1894, when Dubai launched its first tax-free port to attract regional business, the reigning Al Maktoum family has supported commercialism and mercantilism, and that legacy has helped shape Dubai's present-day economy, said an executive of the emirate's promotional advisory firm.

Israel, Palestinians reach deal on Gaza rehabilitation

2014-09-17 10:36:23

The UN Middle East envoy said that Israel and the Palestinians had reached a deal over the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.

First US airstrikes in expanded Iraq fight

2014-09-16 09:51:06

US officials said Monday the United States has taken the first step in its planned expanded fight against Islamic State militants, going to the aid of Iraqi security forces near Baghdad who were being attacked by enemy fighters.

US expands campaign against IS

2014-09-16 08:04:34

The US military struck an Islamic State target southwest of Baghdad in an expansion of the Obama administration's campaign against the militant group.

FACTBOX-US partners unclear on roles in fight against Islamic State

2014-09-16 08:00:30

Many countries have said they support a coalition the United States hopes to build to fight Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, but most have been vague about any specific role they might play.

Immigrant boat sinks off Libyan coast, 160 feared dead

2014-09-15 20:00:56

A boat carrying some 200 illegal migrants sank on Sunday off the Libyan coast, a navy spokesman said Monday.

Senior Taliban leader killed in Afghan security operation

2014-09-15 14:43:22

An Afghan security force killed a senior Taliban leader along with four other insurgents in the country's western province of Herat overnight, police said Monday morning.

French president in Baghdad for talks with Iraqi leaders

2014-09-12 17:17:06

French President Francois Hollande arrived in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Friday for talks with Iraqi leaders and confirms his support to Iraq against terrorism, an official television reported.

All 45 detained Fijian peacekeepers released in Golan Heights

2014-09-12 10:25:45

The United Nations said Thursday that all its 45 peacekeepers from Fiji, seized by Syrian rebels in Golan Heights two weeks ago, were released and "are in good condition."