Backgrounder: China's stance on Iran nuclear issue

2015-07-14 20:43:14

China has always played a constructive part in resolving the decade-long dispute, had an objective, fair and responsible attitude toward the issue.

Iran, big powers clinch landmark nuclear deal

2015-07-14 16:51:08

A landmark Iran nuclear agreement was reached Tuesday after clearing final obstacles including a compromise between Washington and Tehran.

Draft nuclear deal calls for access to all Iranian sites

2015-07-14 10:40:32

UN inspectors would have access to all suspect Iranian sites, including military ones, under a draft nuclear deal that six major powers and Iran are working to finalize on Tuesday.

Iran, world powers push for Tuesday nuclear deal

2015-07-14 07:11:28

Six major powers seeking to negotiate an agreement to limit the Iranian nuclear programme began a meeting in the early hours of Tuesday, a US official said.

Chinese FM urges no further delay of Iran nuclear talks

2015-07-13 21:00:13

Chinese Foreign Minster called on related parties to end the marathon negotiations on an Iranian nuclear deal, saying conditions are ripe for a good deal.

Iran nuclear negotiations shouldn't be further delayed: Chinese FM

2015-07-13 19:53:57

Chinese Foreign Minster Wang Yi on Monday called on related parties to end the marathon negotiations on an Iranian nuclear deal, saying conditions are ripe for a good deal and that an agreement could be reached anytime in Vienna.

Iraq launches major offensive to free Anbar province from IS militants

2015-07-13 17:00:54

Iraqi security forces and allied militias on Monday launched a major offensive to free key cities and towns seized earlier by Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq's western province of Anbar.

No Iran nuclear deal made, no extension of talks

2015-07-13 09:14:57

Iranian foreign minister on Sunday said there would be still work to do on Monday on a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue, but no extension of the talks.

Big progress made in ongoing nuke talks

2015-07-11 07:10:31

Big progress was made in certain issue of the nuclear talks, while work is still needed in a few remaining issues.

Iran says 'excessive demands' push nuclear talks into deadlock

2015-07-10 09:19:08

The United States pushed the nuclear talks into deadlock with excessive demands, local Fars news agency quoted an Iranian diplomat in Vienna as saying on Thursday.

UN official says 'root causes' of Gaza crisis remain unresolved

2015-07-09 11:01:57

A senior UN official in charge of assisting Palestinian refugees said Wednesday that the "root causes" of last year's conflict in Gaza remain unaddressed despite a growing humanitarian crisis in the area.

Iran, world powers miss second deadline to strike final deal

2015-07-08 09:28:35

Iran and six world powers missed their second self-imposed deadline to strike a final deal on Iran' s nuclear issue on Tuesday, leaving the real deadline of the deal unknown.