Britain to submit Syria resolution to UN

2013-08-28 19:44:47

Britain will submit a draft resolution to the UN Security Council seeking to authorize "necessary measures" to protect civilians in the wake of alleged chemical weapon attacks in the country.

Arab League holds Syria responsible for chemical attack

2013-08-28 11:04:08

The Arab League (AL) on Tuesday said it held the Syrian administration "fully responsible" for the deadly chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus.

US preparing for probable strike on Syria

2013-08-28 06:30:56

The US and its allies were gearing up on Tuesday for a probable military strike against Syria that could happen within days as punishment for last week's chemical weapons attacks.

Syria challenges West to offer chemical attack proof

2013-08-27 19:43:44

Syria's Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem challenged the Western powers Tuesday to provide their evidence on the involvement of the Syrian troops in chemical weapons use.

Israeli, Palestinian negotiators meet in Jericho

2013-08-27 15:09:56

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators met on Monday evening in the West Bank city of Jericho away from the media, a Palestinian source said.

UN mission vehicle shot in Syria, inspectors safe

2013-08-26 21:36:52

A vehicle of the UN Chemical Weapons Investigation Team was deliberately shot at multiple times by unidentified snipers in Syria, the UN said on Monday, adding that the team members were safe.

Snipers shoot at UN weapons inspectors

2013-08-27 07:26:49

Snipers shot at a UN team set to inspect the site of a suspected deadly chemical weapons attack on Monday, further ratcheting up tensions.Kerry: Syria chemical arms use 'obscenity'

Kerry: Syria chemical arms use 'obscenity'

2013-08-27 06:33:23

Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday outlined the clearest justification yet for US military action in Syria, saying there was "undeniable" evidence of a large-scale chemical weapons attack, with intelligence strongly signaling that Bashar Assad's regime was responsible.

UN inspectors complete 1st day of probe in Syria

2013-08-27 04:03:47

A team of UN chemical weapons inspectors in Syria carried out their first day of investigation despite a sniper attack against their convoy.

Assad dismisses chemical weapons charges

2013-08-26 14:44:07

Western accusations that Syrian government forces used chemical weapons are "an insult to common sense", President Bashar al-Assad said.

Russia opposes unilateral armed intervention in Syria

2013-08-26 12:56:17

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Sunday urged all outside powers concerned about the Syria crisis to exercise restraint and give up the idea of unilateral armed intervention.

Muslim Brotherhood leaders, Mubarak face trial in Egypt

2013-08-26 06:58:42

Three leaders of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and the movement's former arch-foe Hosni Mubarak faced separate trials on Sunday on similar charges of involvement in the killing of protesters.