Syria kicks off presidential election

2014-06-03 13:38:33

Syria on Tuesday kicks off its presidential election, in which eligible voters will cast their ballots for the country's three presidential candidates, including incumbent President Bashar al-Assad.

Palestinian unity gov't sworn in

2014-06-03 09:54:39

The Palestinian national unity government was sworn in on Monday before Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Abbas announces end of Palestinian political division

2014-06-02 20:01:00

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced on Monday the end of a seven-year-long political division between his Fatah party and Islamic Hamas movement.

Israel urges to boycott Palestinian unity gov't

2014-06-01 19:17:46

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the international community on Sunday not to recognize the Palestinian unity government set to be announced on Monday.

12 Afghan civilians killed in roadside bombing

2014-05-31 14:31:03

Twelve civilians were killed while two others wounded Saturday when a minibus set off a roadside bomb in eastern Ghazni province, an official said.

China and WANA look into future development

2014-05-30 10:59:00

China-WANA dialogue on "Vision for Future Development" began in China's Yiwu city, Zhejiang province on May 27.

Iran says nuclear meeting with EU 'fruitful'

2014-05-28 20:37:03

A senior Iranian official has said that the meeting between the Iranian foreign minister and his European Union (EU) counterpart on Tuesday in Istanbul was 'fruitful in advancing nuclear talks,' the official IRNA news agency reported on Wednesday.

New round of Iranian nuclear talks set for June 16-20: EU spokesman

2014-05-27 19:24:11

A European Union foreign policy spokesman said Tuesday that the next round of Iranian nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers will be held on June 16-20 in Vienna.

Pope Francis urges end to deadlock of Israel-Palestine

2014-05-26 07:08:17

Pope Francis makes a plea for peace at the start of a pilgrimage to Bethlehem, saying the prolonged Israel-Palestinian conflict had become unacceptable.

Passing Syria to ICC harms efforts for political solution: China

2014-05-23 08:43:02

It will jeopardize the international efforts to push ahead with resolving the long-drawn Syrian crisis via political means if the issue of Syria is referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC) forcibly under current situation, said a Chinese envoy Thursday.

Russia, China veto draft UN resolution on Syria

2014-05-23 08:29:04

Russia and China, two permanent members of the UN Security Council, on Thursday wielded veto power over a draft resolution which is intended to refer the Syrian civil war to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Iran's president seeks closer ties

2014-05-23 07:06:14

China calls on world powers to reach agreements on Teheran nuclear issue