Chinese Cultural Zone established in UAE

2015-12-11 09:12:34

A Chinese Cultural Zone was opened at the Hamdan Bin Zayed School in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on Dec 9. The zone was donated by the Chinese Embassy in the UAE.

Russia attempts ethnic cleansing in Syria: Turkish PM

2015-12-10 08:45:06

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Wednesday accused Russia of attempting an "ethnic cleansing" in northern Syria through its air strikes.

China calls for dialogue on Iraq-Turkey tension

2015-12-09 21:05:17

China on Wednesday called for better coordination and dialogue as Iraq demanded Turkey withdraw its troops from northern Iraq.

Scores dead, wounded in Taliban attack on Kandahar airport

2015-12-09 21:16:56

Dozens of people were killed and wounded in fighting at the airport in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar after an overnight attack by Taliban insurgents that security forces had not entirely suppressed nearly 24 hours later.

Third suicide bomber at Paris Bataclan concert hall once visited Syria: report

2015-12-09 20:57:24

The third suicide bomber who stormed the Bataclan concert hall in Paris on November 13 has been identified as a young French national who went to Syria in 2013 with a group of other youths, a local daily reported on Wednesday.

People exit rebel-held area in Syrian peace deal

2015-12-09 15:23:33

Dozens of people left the last insurgent-held area in the Syrian city of Homs on Wednesday under a local peace deal between the government and insurgents.

Russia fires missiles at IS positions

2015-12-09 09:30:29

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Tuesday that Russia attacked the Islamic State (IS) positions in Syria with Kalibr missiles fired by the submarine deployed in the Mediterranean Sea.

UN releases results of first survey on Syrian refugees

2015-12-09 09:22:32

Almost a quarter of the Syrian refugees who had arrived in Greece between April and September this year were still searching for a family member missing in Syria.

Three Syrian soldiers die in suspected US coalition strike

2015-12-07 14:39:29

An air strike believed to have been carried out by the US-led coalition killed three Syrian military personnel in Deir al Zor province.

Yemen's Aden governor killed in car bombing claimed by Islamic State

2015-12-07 09:09:05

The governor of Aden was killed by a car bomb on Sunday in Yemen's southern port city, in an attack that Islamic State claimed responsibility for.

No credible evidence on Iran's atomic bomb plan after 2009

2015-12-03 10:40:33

The UN nuclear agency found no credible evidence which indicates Iran carried out nuclear bomb plan after 2009 and delivery system research after 2011, according to the confidential final assessment report from the agency seen on Wednesday.

Gunmen kill 4 Egypt security personnel south of Cairo

2015-11-28 19:22:59

Gunmen killed four security personnel in an attack at a police checkpoint in Saqqara, near some of Egypt's historic pyramid sites, the Interior Ministry and three security sources said on Saturday.