Russian air raids destroy over 49 militant positions over 24 hrs across Syria

2015-10-19 22:14:21

The Russian air force carried 33 air strikes over the past 24 hours, destroying over 49 positions of the armed militant groups in several Syrian areas, the Syrian army said in a statement on Monday.

Kerry says important to agree on steps to calm Israeli-Palestinian unrest

2015-10-19 16:50:20

US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday it was vital that Israeli and Palestinian leaders clarify the status around the al-Aqsa compound and agree on steps that can be taken to calm unrest during talks this week.

Pentagon says al Qaeda financier killed in Syria air strike

2015-10-19 10:42:12

A U.S.-led coalition air strike has killed Sanafi al-Nasr, a Saudi citizen and the leading financier for al Qaeda and its Khorasan Group offshoot, the Pentagon said on Sunday.

Iran provides Syria, Iraq with weapons, military experts

2015-10-16 09:52:00

The visiting head of the Iranian parliament's national security and foreign policy committee, Alaedin Boroujerdi, said here on Thursday that Tehran only provides weapons and military experts to Syria and Iraq.

Israeli woman injured, Palestinian perpetrator killed in another Jerusalem attack

2015-10-15 14:31:37

A Palestinian man stabbed a 70-year-old woman and moderately wounded her in a stabbing attack in central Jerusalem on Wednesday evening.

Iran's Guardian Council passes nuclear bill into law

2015-10-15 10:03:12

Iran's Guardian Council ratified a bill on Wednesday approving the nuclear deal reached by Tehran and six world powers.

Israel seals off Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem

2015-10-14 20:24:55

Israel began Wednesday morning to seal off Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem and deploy soldiers on main roads in response to a surging wave of attacks, officials said.

China pledges new humanitarian relief to Middle East

2015-10-14 16:04:03

China will offer further aid to relieve the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, Deputy Foreign Minister Wang Chao said.

Sensible strategic move by Russia to give Assad support

2015-10-14 07:30:44

Moscow’s involvement could make up for the ineffectiveness of the international coalition in the fight against IS extremists.

Two shells fired at Russian Embassy in Damascus

2015-10-13 17:05:57

Two shells were fired at Russia's embassy in Damascus on Tuesday during a demonstration in support of Moscow. There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage to the building.

Iranian parliament passes bill approving nuclear deal

2015-10-13 16:50:23

Iran's parliament passed a bill on Tuesday supporting the government in implementing a nuclear deal with world powers, state news agency IRNA said, in a victory for the government over conservative opponents of the deal.

Turkey sees Islamic State hand in bombing, vows election will go on

2015-10-12 07:35:50

Turkey is targeting Islamic State in investigations of a double suicide bombing in Ankara that killed up to 128 people, officials said on Sunday.