UN evacuates some staff from Syrian capital

2013-03-26 10:14:39

The United Nations is temporarily evacuating half of its international staff from Syria due to worsening security conditions, a spokesperson for the world body confirmed.

US reiterates support to Syrian opposition

2013-03-26 10:05:53

The US government on Monday reiterated its support to the Syrian opposition despite the recent resignation of opposition leader Moaz al-Khatib.

Resignation of Syrian opposition chief 'expected'

2013-03-25 11:52:29

The resignation of Moaz al-Khatib, head of the exiled Syrian opposition coalition, was "expected", the opposition group National Coordination Body (NCB) said Sunday.

Egypt prez urges no 'political cover' for violence

2013-03-25 10:28:34

Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi called on all political forces not to provide "political cover" or legitimacy for violent acts or chaos taking place in the country.

Palestinians to resume talks with Israel

2013-03-25 09:21:40

The Palestinian leadership accepted a US request to engage in exploratory talks in preparation for resuming direct peace negotiations with Israel.

Kerry talks with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad

2013-03-25 09:15:05

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday arrived in Baghdad on unannounced visit for talks with Iraqi leaders over regional issues.

Israel extends closure of Gaza crossing

2013-03-24 20:57:41

Israel on Sunday decided to keep the only commercial crossing point in the Gaza Strip closed until Wednesday due to Jewish holidays, a Palestinian official said.

Syria dismisses UN report of army violations

2013-03-24 11:02:38

The Syrian government on Saturday slammed as "unilateral and politicized" a recent UN report accusing government troops of violations.

Israel, Turkey to restore relations

2013-03-23 12:58:09

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday phoned his Turkish counterpart and apologized for an Israeli naval raid three years ago.

Obama to face scrutiny on Syria

2013-03-23 06:59:27

A day after challenging Israelis to embrace peace with Palestinians, US President Barack Obama was scheduled on Friday to face scrutiny over his strategy on Syria during an overnight stay in Jordan.

Lebanese PM announces resignation

2013-03-23 04:01:47

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Miqati announced his resignation Friday evening after his government failed to reach an agreement in a cabinet session earlier in the day over the parliamentary elections.

Syria asked for more evidence on chemical weapons

2013-03-22 14:05:52

The UN chief has asked the Syrian government for "additional information" on its allegation that the armed opposition used chemical weapons in an attack.