Egyptian police vow to use live ammo

2013-08-16 11:44:49

The Interior Ministry warned Thursday that the police are going to use live ammunition against any further attacks on public or private properties, amid fresh calls by the Islamists to continue mass protests.

UN Security Council condemns Beirut car bombing

2013-08-16 11:20:10

The UN Security Council on Thursday condemned a deadly car bombing in Beirut, capital of Lebanon, which killed at least 17 people and wounded about 212.

Muslim Brotherhood calls for mass rallies

2013-08-16 08:05:09

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood called for a nationwide "millions' march of anger" on Friday after noon prayers to protest the recent security forces' violent crackdown on protesters in which hundreds were killed.

Death toll from Egypt violence rises to 638

2013-08-16 07:11:12

Weeping relatives in search of loved ones uncovered the faces of the bloodied, unclaimed dead, as the death toll soared past 600 Thursday from Egypt's deadliest day since the Arab Spring began.

Islamists call protest march as Egypt death toll mounts

2013-08-15 21:45:40

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood called on followers to march in protest in Cairo on Thursday, after at least 525 people were killed in a security crackdown on the Islamist movement that has left the most populous Arab nation polarised and in turmoil.

Afghan forces detain Taliban commander

2013-08-15 16:04:11

Afghan security forces captured a Taliban local commander in Wardak province with Maidan Shahr as its capital 35 km west of Kabul on Wednesday.

Car bombs kill 23 in Iraqi capital

2013-08-15 15:40:34

Iraqi officials say a wave of car bombs in Baghdad has killed 23 people and wounded dozens.

Restraint called for in Egypt

2013-08-15 08:05:51

A bloody crackdown cannot solve the fundamental conflict in Egypt, and both sides need to show restraint to end the intense situation, Chinese and African experts said on Wednesday.

Over 200 dead after Egypt forces crush protesters

2013-08-15 06:29:00

Egyptian security forces crushed the protest camps of thousands of supporters of the deposed Islamist president on Wednesday, shooting almost 200 of them dead in the bloodiest day in decades. Blood flows at Egyptian protests US condemns use of violence against protesters

Israelis, Palestinians kick off peace talks

2013-08-15 06:12:34

With tensions high and expectations low, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators kicked off their first substantive round of peace talks in nearly five years.

235 killed, over 2,000 injured in Egypt's unrest: Health Ministry

2013-08-15 05:44:51

At least 235 people were killed and over 2,000 injured in clashes across Egypt after the police started at dawn to disperse supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi

Egypt's Brotherhood top leaders arrested: TV

2013-08-15 03:06:26

At least eight top leaders of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood were allegedly arrested during an operation by the police to disperse supporters of Mohamed Morsi.