Possible improvement detected in condition of Sharon

2013-01-28 03:11:45

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who has been in a coma since 2006, has been undergoing medical examinations showing a possible improvement in his condition, the Channel 2 news reported Sunday.

30 killed in Egypt riots after 21 sentenced to death

2013-01-27 14:46:16

Up to 30 people were killed in clashes that erupted Saturday outside Port Said prison between security forces and family members of 21 convicts.

Violence flares on anniversary of Egypt unrest

2013-01-26 12:18:11

Hundreds of youths clashed with Egyptian police in Tahrir Square on Friday in a violent start to the second anniversary of the unrest that toppled Hosni Mubarak and led to the election of an Islamist president.

Westerners told to leave Benghazi over 'specific, imminent threat'

2013-01-26 12:00:09

Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia have all urged their citizens to leave the Libyan city of Benghazi due to a "specific, imminent threat to Westerners", linked to French action in Mali.

Plane lands successfully after lightning strike

2013-01-25 16:33:08

A Turkish plane with one engine on fire made a successful landing after being struck by a lightning during a flight from Istanbul to Izmir on Thursday night.

Patriot missiles in Turkey ready to be activated

2013-01-25 07:26:05

Patriot missile systems sent by Germany and installed close to the Turkey-Syrian border are ready to be activated, Cihan News Agency reported Thursday.

Brazil's embassy in Mali to stay open

2013-01-24 11:14:04

Brazil's embassy in Mali, where the government forces and militants are engaged in clashes, will stay open, Foreign Ministry spokesman Tovar da Silva Nunes said Wednesday.

Syrian opposition warns of Kurdish-Arab civil war

2013-01-24 10:55:23

A Syrian opposition group at home has warned of a Kurdish-Arab civil war due to the raging battles between Syrian Kurds and armed rebels in northern Syria.

US condemns suicide attack in Iraq

2013-01-24 09:30:58

The US State Department on Wednesday strongly condemned a suicide bombing attack in northern Iraq that claimed dozens of lives.

Israelis go to polls in parliamentary elections

2013-01-22 18:33:24

Israelis trickled into the polls in the country's parliamentary elections, with opinion polls predicting an easy win for a right-wing union led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Russian plane to pick up nationals leaving Syria

2013-01-22 17:37:12

Two planes left Moscow for Beirut, capital of Lebanon, Tuesday to pick up Russian nationals who wish to leave Syria, the Emergency Situations Ministry said.

Next round of Iran, IAEA talks set for Feb 13

2013-01-22 17:30:58

Iran's state IRIB TV announced Tuesday that the next round of nuclear talks between the Islamic republic and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was rescheduled for Feb 13.