Obama: No final decision yet on Syria

2013-08-31 05:21:06

US President Barack Obama said Friday that he has not made a final decision on a military strike against Syria.

Syria rejects any partial UN report

2013-08-30 23:12:22

Syria's Foreign Minister Walid al- Moallem said Friday that his country rejects any partial report by the UN before its investigation team's mission is completed, state- run SANA news agency reported.

Israeli gas mask distribution expand opening hours

2013-08-30 10:23:35

Israel's gas mask distribution centers expanded their opening hours Thursday as Israelis line up to get equipped against a possible Syrian attack resulted from a potential strike by its Western allies on the Arab country.

UK parliament rejects Syria action

2013-08-30 06:55:49

e British parliament on Thursday rejected a motion supporting military action in Syria, reflecting deep divisions about using force to punish President Bashar al-Assad.
5th US destroyer arrived near Syria
Russian Navy to rotate warships in Mediterranean
 Chinese petroleum firm already leave Syria

Chinese petroleum firm already leave Syria: MOC

2013-08-30 06:39:09

Chinese petroleum enterprises have left Syria as a result of local turmoil, a senior official of China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Thursday.

Fifth US destroyer dispatched near Syria: report

2013-08-30 05:58:35

The fifth US guided missile destroyer, USS Stout, is to arrive in the eastern Mediterranean near Syria later Thursday,US media reported.

Syria to 'decisively' respond to foreign military action

2013-08-30 05:50:42

Syrian Defense Minister Fahed al- Fraij said Thursday that the army will "decisively" respond to any form of foreign military action, the state-TV reported.

Russian Navy to rotate warships in Mediterranean

2013-08-30 05:19:47

Russian Navy will conduct a routine ships rotation early September in the Mediterranean Sea, the country's Defense Ministry said Thursday.

UN should continue chemical weapons probe: Russia

2013-08-30 01:52:57

The UN experts' possible return to The Hague for sample delivering should not prevent further investigation over alleged chemical weapons use in Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

Assad says to defend Syria against any aggression

2013-08-29 22:11:17

Bashar al-Assad said Thursday Syria would defend itself against any foreign aggression, stressing determination to "eliminate terrorism" in the war-weary country.

Britain sends jets to Cyprus as 'precautionary measure'

2013-08-29 19:50:43

Britain has sent six RAF Typhoon jets to its Akrotiri airbase in Cyprus on Thursday as a defensive and "precautionary measure," the Ministry of Defense (MOD) said.

US vows action in Syria even without UN backing

2013-08-29 06:35:31

The US says it will take action against the Syrian government for alleged use of chemical weapons even without the backing of allies or the UN.
Britain to submit Syria resolution to UN
Russian FM warns against military solution