Pakistan military launches major operation in North Waziristan

2014-06-16 09:20:43

The Pakistani military announced that the security forces have launched a major operation against the local and foreign militants in the restive North Waziristan tribal region.

Netanyahu vows to bring back kidnapped teens

2014-06-16 09:09:11

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to take any steps necessary to bring back the three Israeli teens that were allegedly abducted in the Palestinian West Bank on Thursday.

Israel arrests 80 Palestinians in response to teens' kidnapping

2014-06-15 17:47:33

Israeli army arrested about 80 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank on Sunday morning as part of its efforts to find three abducted Israeli teenagers, the military said in a statement.

Islamist fighters vow to capture Baghdad

2014-06-13 07:28:57

Sunni militants seek to 'settle old scores' with Shiite prime minister

Israeli parliament chooses veteran hard-liner as president

2014-06-12 06:55:25

Israel's parliament has chosen Reuven Rivlin, a veteran nationalist politician and supporter of the Jewish settlement movement, as the country's next president, putting a man opposed to the creation of a Palestinian state into the ceremonial but influential post.

Syria pledges support against terrorism

2014-06-12 06:55:25

The government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on Wednesday it is willing to help Baghdad in the fight against "terrorism", a day after jihadi fighters overran Iraq's second-largest city Mosul.

FM: Iraq facing 'mortal threat' from militants

2014-06-12 06:55:25

The fall of the major northern Iraqi city of Mosul to insurgents must push the country's leaders to work together and deal with the "mortal threat" facing Iraq, the country's foreign minister said on Wednesday.

Poppy crop is seen as threat to progress in Afghanistan

2014-06-12 06:55:25

Afghans are growing more opium poppies than ever before and it is threatening to wipe out gains made to help the impoverished country improve health, education and governance, the US watchdog for spending in Afghanistan said on Tuesday.

Iraqi militants seize 49 Turkish diplomatic personnel, family in Mosul

2014-06-12 09:56:43

Militants kidnapped 49 personnel when seizing the Turkish consulate general in northern Iraqi city of Mosul, capital of Nineveh province, according to a Turkish official statement released on Wednesday.

Reuven Rivlin elected Israel's president

2014-06-11 11:37:00

Reuven Rivlin, a right-wing legislator opposed to the creation of a Palestinian state, was elected Israel's president on Tuesday to replace the dovish Shimon Peres in the largely ceremonial post.

Rebels in Iraq take control of 2nd-biggest city

2014-06-11 07:17:43

Gunmen seized Iraq's second-largest city on Tuesday as troops threw away their uniforms and abandoned their posts, officials said, in another blow to the authorities, who appear incapable of stopping militant advances.

Pakistan repels second Taliban assault on Karachi airport

2014-06-11 07:17:43

Taliban gunmen attacked a security post outside Pakistan's Karachi airport on Tuesday, a day after an all-night siege by the militants left 37 dead and shredded a tentative peace process.