Embassy in DPRK mourns wartime Chinese martyears

2011-04-05 18:35:09

The Chinese embassy in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) held a memorial ceremony for Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV) martyears.

Police fire on Yemeni protesters

2011-04-05 18:34:14

Security forces and armed men in civilian clothes opened fire on protesters in the Yemeni city of Taiz, south of the capital, on Tuesday.

EU to launch military operation for humanitarian relief in Libya

2011-04-05 14:35:19

The European Union has decided to launch military operation to facilitate humanitarian assistance in Libya.

Egypt won't allow extremists to control the country

2011-04-05 13:47:54

Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said Monday that it will not allow any extremist group to take control of the country.

UN: end of Libya conflict unlikely

2011-04-05 13:26:35

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon's special envoy to Libya said here Monday that the conflict in the North African country appears to be continuing indefinitely.

Turkey seeks to mediate for truce in Libya

2011-04-05 10:41:40

Turkey is seeking to broker a truce deal between Libyan regime and rebels as it engages in talks with envoys from both parties.

UN confirms 32 of 33 killed in Congo crash

2011-04-05 10:27:45

Around 20 people were killed in a plane crash on Monday afternoon in the capital city Kinshasa of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo)

Martelly wins Haiti's presidential election: CEP

2011-04-05 09:03:00

Haiti's popular singer Michel Martelly has won the presidential election, the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) announced on Monday.

Radioactive water released into sea

2011-04-05 08:53:10

Japanese engineers were forced to release radioactive water into the sea while resorting to desperate measures to try to find the source of the leaks. Japan: Months to end radiation leaks

Global economy to expand 4.5% in 2012: Peterson Institute

2011-04-05 07:52:06

The global economy is forecast to grow by a solid pace of 4.3 percent this year and 4.5 percent next year

Rebels reject transition proposal

2011-04-05 07:37:53

The Libyan rebels' Transitional National Council on Monday rejected any transition under Muammar Gadhafi's sons after The New York Times reported that...Turkey seeks to mediate for truce in Libya
UN envoy says end of Libya conflict unlikely

5.7-magnitude quake rocks Nepal-India border

2011-04-04 22:57:40

An earthquake of 5.7 Richter scale was recorded in Nepal-India border region at around 1132 GMT on Monday, no casualties or damage have been reported so far.