ROK deploys missile that can hit Pyongyang: source

2011-06-17 18:11:24

The Republic of Korea (ROK) deployed an advanced tactical missile system capable of hitting Pyongyang, a government source said on Friday

UN council recommends 2nd term for Ban Ki-moon

2011-06-18 07:27:55

The UN Security Council on Friday "adopted by acclamation" a resolution to nominate incumbent UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for a second five-year term, the Council president told reporters here.

Explosion in central Israel kills three

2011-06-17 09:36:57

At least three people were killed late Thursday night by an explosion in the central Israeli city of Netanya, local source told Xinhua.

Libyan rebels dismiss election

2011-06-17 09:36:46

Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi agreed to hold internationally-supervised elections, his son said, which was dismissed by rebels Thursday.

Mubarak-linked businessman detained

2011-06-17 09:35:58

Fugitive businessman Hussein Salem, an accomplice in the corruption case of former Egyptian President, was arrested.

Zawahri appointed al Qaeda leader

2011-06-16 15:37:58

Osama bin Laden's long-time lieutenant, Ayman al-Zawahri, is now the leader of al Qaeda, Al Arabiya television reported on Thursday.

Chile volcano ash spurs travel chaos in Argentina

2011-06-17 09:21:34

Some towns in Argentina's Patagonia remain blanketed in volcanic ash. Airline activity is getting back to normal after days of chaos caused by a towering ash cloud, but Andean towns are covered in a thick, ashed blanket that is disrupting water and power supplies.

Libya mission to cost $1.1b by Sept 30

2011-06-16 09:21:46

The cost of US military operations in Libya was $716 million as of June 3 and is projected to reach $1.1 bn by September 30, 2011.

Iran launches homemade satellite into orbit

2011-06-16 04:01:34

Iran launched a satellite into earth orbit Wednesday, in a feat that is likely to raise concerns among those who fear Iran's intentions.

Iran to launch 'cyber command'

2011-06-16 00:33:39

Deputy head of Iran's Armed Forces Joint Chiefs of Staff Brigadier General announced Iran plans to establish its first cyber command.

Total lunar eclipse turns the moon red

2011-06-16 07:13:21

Total lunar eclipse is seen all over the world.

Cucumber crunch time

2011-06-15 07:49:03

Two contestants eat as many cucumbers as they can in five minutes in front of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin on Tuesday.