At least 500 dead in Nigeria election riots

2011-04-25 09:19:17

At least 500 people died in religious rioting that followed Nigeria's presidential election as volatile state gubernatorial elections loom this week.

6.2-magnitude quakes hit Indonesian island

2011-04-25 09:02:42

A 6.2 magnitude earthquake with a relatively shallow depth hit Sulawesi island in central Indonesia early on Monday.

Accidents kill 104 in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras

2011-04-25 08:59:02

A total of 104 people were reported dead in accidents during the Easter week holiday in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras.

Heavy explosions heard in Tripoli

2011-04-25 08:51:12

Strong blasts were heard in Libya 's capital Tripoli late Sunday as unidentified warplanes flew over the downtown.

Arab pushes forward stalled Mideast peace

2011-04-25 08:43:01

Talks on new American and Israeli plans and initiatives to push forward the peace process have increased in the past few weeks.

US should be cautious about going after Gaddafi

2011-04-25 08:07:07

The United States should be cautious about directly going after Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and his inner circle.

Misrata under heavy bombardment

2011-04-25 08:03:02

The western Libyan city of Misrata came under heavy bombardment on Sunday by forces loyal to Muammar Gadhafi, a rebel spokesman said.

Saleh to end three-decade Yemen rule

2011-04-25 08:03:02

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has agreed to step down within weeks in return for immunity from prosecution.

17,200 Cambodians evacuated during border clash

2011-04-25 07:55:32

4,285 Cambodian families of 17,200 people have been evacuated in the three days of armed clashes between Cambodian and Thai troops.

Japan to launch massive search for bodies

2011-04-25 07:06:42

Japan will send nearly 25,000 soldiers, backed by boats and aircraft, into its disaster zone Monday.

Mubarak to be moved to military hospital

2011-04-25 06:32:19

Egypt's Prosecutor General Abdel Maguid Mahmoud ordered on Sunday to transfer former President Hosni Mubarak to a military hospital.

57 killed, dozens injured in Sudan clashes

2011-04-24 22:45:57

At least 57 people were killed in armed clashes between Sudan People 's Liberation Army and defecting forces in south Sudan's Upper Nile State.