Space shuttle Endeavour ends 19-year flying career

2011-06-01 16:16:42

US space shuttle Endeavour landed safely at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Wednesday morning, ending its 19-year flying mission.

41 killed in deadly Yemen street battles

2011-06-02 07:17:07

Street battles between Yemeni government and armed tribesmen killed dozens of people in this country teetering on the brink of civil war.

Egypt's Mubarak set to go on trial August 3

2011-06-02 07:04:55

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, overthrown by a popular uprising this year, was ordered on Wednesday to stand trial in August.

Egyptian official denies 'virginity tests'

2011-06-02 06:55:01

A Egyptian official denied comments saying the military had conducted forced "virginity tests" on female protesters in March.

Get a soap massage in Istanbul

2011-05-31 19:05:17

An attendant gives a soap massage to a customer at the newly restored Roxelana's hamam in Istanbul May 12, 2011.

Zuma says Gadhafi refuses to leave Libya

2011-06-01 08:17:26

Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi is not prepared to leave Libya and is prepared to seek a political solution to the conflict in the country.

24 killed in Yemen as civil war looms

2011-06-01 06:16:10

At least 24 people, including 16 tribesmen, four soldiers and four civilians, were killed in the fierce battles in Yemen 's capital.

Mladic extradition appeal rejected

2011-05-31 19:32:06

Judges have rejected an appeal by war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic seeking to stop his extradition to a UN tribunal.

EU, Japan to begin FTA talks

2011-05-30 07:45:38

EU and Japan agreed to start talks on a free-trade agreement (FTA) to inject fresh impetus into the world's third-largest economy.

800 tons of fish die, rot on Philippine fish farm

2011-05-29 17:54:10

More than 800 tons of fish have died and rotted on a fish farm near Manila that Philippine authorities are blaming on a sudden temperature drop.

Russia, NATO far from joint missile shield

2011-05-30 09:26:09

There is little hope that Russia and NATO will agree on building a joint missile shield.

Climate change to affect fruits, nuts

2011-05-30 07:54:40

Climate change is expected to alter the global fruits and nuts industry dramatically.