Yemen calls state of emergency

2011-03-19 08:27:17

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh declared a state of emergency in his country following the unrest in the capital that claimed the lives of at least 41 anti-government protestors.

Libya declares cease-fire after UN resolution vote

2011-03-19 07:45:46

Libya declared an immediate cease-fire and promised to stop military operations Friday in a bid to fend off international military intervention...

Japan lays power cable in race to stop radiation

2011-03-19 07:29:50

Exhausted Japanese engineers attached a power cable to the outside of Japan's tsunami-crippled nuclear plant on Saturday.
Japan cites radiation in milk, spinach near plant
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Obama rules out US ground troops in Libya

2011-03-19 07:13:55

US President Barack Obama on Friday explicitly ruled out deploying US ground troops into Libya...
Libyan gov't pledges compliance with ceasefire

Libya declares ceasefire after UN resolution

2011-03-18 21:00:45

Libyan Foreign Minister Musa Kusa said his country has announced a ceasefire and halted all military operations, saying Libyan is keen on protecting all civilians and foreigners.

Japan asks for US help in nuclear crisis

2011-03-18 15:51:44

Japan reached out to the US for help in reining in the crisis at its crippled nuclear complex.
Japan weighs need to bury nuke plant
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Quake shifted Japan 2.4 meters east

2011-03-18 07:51:43

The massive earthquake that devastated northeastern Japan has shifted the country more than 2 meters away from the neighboring Korean Peninsula.

UN Security Council okays no-fly zone over Libya

2011-03-18 07:39:41

The UN Security Council on Thursday adopted a resolution to authorize a no-fly zone over Libya and called for "all necessary measures," excluding troops on the ground, to protect civilians under threat of attack in the North African country.

US shows growing alarm over Japan's crisis

2011-03-17 22:12:21

The United States showed increasing alarm about Japan's nuclear crisis on Wednesday.

Scrutiny on global nuclear industry intensifies

2011-03-17 09:22:38

The crisis in Japan means higher costs, canceled projects and laser-like regulatory scrutiny for the global nuclear industry.

Clinton: No interest in next term

2011-03-17 08:56:02

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Wednesday she does not want to stay in her job if President Barack Obama wins a second term in 2012.

Curfew to be imposed in key locations in Bahrain

2011-03-16 09:21:40

Bahrain's Defence Force (BDF) will take charge of national security and impose curfew at specific places under the present state of emergency, the Bahrain News Agency reported Tuesday.