NATO says hit Libyan rebels by mistake

2011-06-19 07:28:00

NATO said Saturday it mistakenly struck a column of Libyan rebel vehicles in an airstrike near an eastern oil town two days earlier.

US in contact with Taliban

2011-06-19 07:15:54

President Hamid Karzai acknowledged the US and Afghan governments have held talks with Taliban emissaries in a bid to end 10-year war.

Libyan rebels out of money, West to blame

2011-06-19 03:35:44

Rebels waging a drawn-out war to oust Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi have run out of money, their oil chief said on Saturday.

IMF cuts US growth forecast, warns of crisis

2011-06-18 10:42:47

US, Europe are "playing with fire" unless they take immediate steps to reduce budget deficits.

UN backs gay rights for first time ever

2011-06-18 10:32:33

The United Nations passed a resolution hailed as historic by the US and other backers and decried by some African and Muslim countries.

Gadhafi vows to defeat NATO: state TV

2011-06-18 08:35:01

Libyan embattled leader Muammar GadHafi vowed to defeat the NATO alliance's attempt to oust him from power.

TEPCO suspends cleanup at Fukushima

2011-06-18 12:26:08

The cleanup of Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant was suspended as radiation levels rose faster than expected.

Indonesian ex-minister gets 16-month jail sentences

2011-06-18 13:01:33

Indonesian Corruption Court found former minister Paskah Suzetta and four fellow Golkar Party politicians guilty of receiving bribes in exchange for their votes to elect a central bank (Bank Indonesia) top official in 2004.

US, Japan to hold security talks

2011-06-18 10:48:01

The US and Japan will have a high-level security meeting here next Tuesday, the first of its kind in four years.

UN council recommends 2nd term for Ban

2011-06-18 07:27:55

The UN Security Council "adopted by acclamation" a resolution to nominate Ban Ki-moon for a second five-year term.

UN to delink al-Qaida and Taliban sanctions

2011-06-18 07:34:57

That is an attempt to more effectively fight terrorism and support the Afghan government's reconciliation efforts.

ROK troops shoot at civilian airliner by mistake

2011-06-18 13:44:58

ROK's troops fired at a commercial aircraft flying near the tense sea border with DPRK, misidentifying it as one of DPRK's jet fighters, but no damage occurred, local news media reported on Saturday.