Great Full Moon festival celebrated in Seoul

2011-02-16 21:25:34

Participants whirl cans filled with burning wood chips during a celebration ahead of "Jeongwol Daeboreum", or Great Full Moon, at a park in Seoul Feb 16, 2011. The traditional Korean holiday celebrates the first full moon of the lunar calendar.

Coca-Cola says secret of its recipe still intact

2011-02-16 14:55:17

Coca-Cola Co said that its flagship cola recipe is still secret after nearly 125 years, denying a story by a public radio show that it has uncovered the formula.

US probes whether Venezuela sent gasoline to Iran

2011-02-16 10:57:00

The United States is investigating whether Venezuela has sent gasoline to Iran despite US sanctions on such activity.

D.Boerse unveils NYSE deal, faces bumpy road

2011-02-16 10:33:20

D. Boerse faces a struggle to get approvals from a host of regulators for its takeover of NYSE Euronext to form the world's largest exchange operator.

WTO urges Japan to reform, free trade

2011-02-16 09:45:30

Japan must liberalise its foreign trade as part of wide-ranging structural reforms to restore competitiveness and boost growth.

Egypt's military rulers hope swift transition will restore stability

2011-02-16 07:56:33

Egypt's military rulers are expected on Tuesday to step up efforts to restore stability.

Iran blames West for provoking unrest

2011-02-16 07:36:16

Iranian officials blamed the West Tuesday for provoking unrest inside the country.

Egypt to finish constitution amendments in 10 days

2011-02-15 21:16:44

The Egyptian Supreme Council of the Armed Forces on Tuesday set a period of 10 days for the constitutional amendment committee to finish its task.

Japan's youths make lives out from realities, some by DIY

2011-02-15 19:44:29

The fracturing of the post-World War Ⅱ system that propelled Japan's economy to the No.2 global spot -- a status now lost to China -- has pushed many youths to seek security by trying to cling to what remains. But for others, the uncertainty itself is giving birth to a do-it-yourself mindset that could generate welcome dynamism. Picture taken November 27, 2010

US halts use of long-life landmines

2011-02-15 17:54:19

The US military has stopped using a type of landmine often condemned as a long-term threat to civilians.

Pakistan says 761 Pakistanis imprisoned in India

2011-02-15 17:18:48

At least 761 imprisoned Pakistanis, among them 18 defense personnel, are spending their days in Indian jails.

ROK, US to hold annual military drills

2011-02-15 13:57:18

South Korean and US forces will stage annual military exercises starting later this month in the allies' latest show of force.