US, DPRK end 'business-like' talks

2011-07-29 09:00:55

Kim said after landing in New York Tuesday that he was " optimistic" the six-party talks could resume and that relations with the US might improve.

GOP debt plan faces close vote in Congress

2011-07-29 07:50:28

House Republicans are pressing ahead with a vote on a quickly revised plan to stave off an unprecedented government default next week

Obama's poll number slips as debt crisis deepens

2011-07-29 09:03:15

The Pew poll released Thursday showed 41 percent of registered voters would like to see Obama re-elected while 40 percent prefer a Republican to win the race.

Putin considering Kremlin return

2011-07-27 23:13:19

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is close to a decision to bid for the presidency in an election next year, senior political sources say.

Rains, mudslides kill 36 in Seoul

2011-07-28 06:35:19

Walls of mud barreling down a hill buried 10 college students sleeping in a resort cabin and flash floods submerged the streets and subway stations in Seoul.

DPRK demands peace treaty with US

2011-07-28 06:26:00

North Korea on Wednesday renewed calls for a peace treaty with the United States to officially end the Korean War.

International Choreography Competition in Burgos

2011-07-28 09:32:35

Dancers hang from ropes as they perform "Elements", by Spanish company Bocasdanza, during the Burgos-New York International Choreography Competition in Burgos, northern Spain early July 28, 2011.

Smuggled ivory artifacts seized in US

2011-07-27 09:31:04

Federal officials seized roughly a tonne of ivory in one of the largest US seizures on record and arrested the owner of an African art store accused of smuggling carved elephant tusks into the US.

Travel restrictions on Russian officials

2011-07-27 08:14:22

The Obama administration says that it has imposed travel restrictions on 60 Russian officials suspected of involvement in the killing of a lawyer.

9 people killed in ROK landslide

2011-07-27 09:41:37

At least nine people were killed as a landslide hit a mountain resort in Gangwon Province, 100 kilometers east of Seoul, due to heavy downpour.

China Japan resume defense dialogue

2011-07-27 08:30:05

China and Japan agreed to maintain stability in the East China Sea and promote the early establishment of a maritime liaison system.

Japan OKs $25.5b reconstruction budget

2011-07-26 08:56:42

Japanese lawmakers have approved nearly 2 trillion yen ($25.5 billion) in extra funds to pay for reconstruction.