Hundreds of bodies found after Japan quake

2011-03-11 22:14:36

An 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit Japan's northeastern Honshu island Friday, and 200 to 300 bodies have been found in the tsunami-hit coast city Sendai, according to the latest Kyodo report.

Swing Latino performs in Bogota

2011-03-11 15:12:47

Colombia dance group "Swing Latino", five-time World Salsa champions, presented their show in Bogota March 10, 2011. It will be held from March 10 to 13.

Strong earthquake jolts East Japan

2011-03-11 14:15:58

A massive 8.9 magnitude quake hit northeast Japan, causing a four-metre tsunami along parts of the country's coastline.

Japan PM admits getting donation from foreigner

2011-03-11 09:23:00

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan admitted Friday that his political fund management body had accepted donation from a South Korean resident in Japan.

US spy chief says Gadhafi forces to prevail

2011-03-11 08:52:56

Libyan rebels have lost momentum and are not likely to dislodge Muammar Gadhafi from power, top US intelligence officials said on Thursday.

Locke will bolster ties with China

2011-03-11 08:01:36

US President Barack Obama said Commerce Secretary Gary Locke will help strengthen relations with China .

Japan hopes Kaka and Mama could be ex-panda-ble

2011-03-10 15:16:21

The Tokyo Zoological Park society announced Japanese names for the pair of giant pandas that arrived from China on Feb 21: Kaka was the name given to the male panda previously called Bili and Mama was originally named Xiannv.

Yemeni army storms campus, 98 wounded

2011-03-10 07:59:40

The Yemeni government escalated its efforts to stop mass protests calling for the president's ouster.

Gadhafi blames west

2011-03-10 07:59:40

Embattled Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi accused Western nations of wanting to control Libya's oil in a television interview.

New Japan FM appointed for 'consistency'

2011-03-10 07:21:16

Japan on Wednesday officially appointed a junior Cabinet minister, Takeaki Matsumoto, as foreign minister to replace Seiji Maehara.

Museums compete for space shuttles

2011-03-10 06:57:19

The space shuttle Discovery is an object of fervent desire for museums around the country, which would love to add it or one of its mates to their collections.

Japan's government selects new foreign minister

2011-03-09 11:22:48

A high-ranking foreign ministry official will become Japan's new top diplomat, after his predecessor resigned over the weekend.