Major events on Korean Peninsula in 2010

2010-12-20 21:19:16

South Korea launched Monday a firing drill from a disputed western border island shelled last month by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) despite the latter's repeated warnings of a counterattack.

WikiLeaks: Yemen nuclear material was unsecured

2010-12-20 16:42:52

A storage facility housing Yemen's radioactive material was unsecured for up to a week after its lone guard was removed and its surveillance camera was broken, a secret US State Department cable released by WikiLeaks revealed Monday.

Seoul wraps up live-fire military drill

2010-12-20 16:15:28

South Korea on Monday wrapped up live-fire artillery drill from a western border island shelled last month by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).
UN fails to reach consensus on Korean crisis
China calls for maximum restraint on the peninsula
DPRK offers to allow UN inspections: Report

DPRK offers to allow UN inspections - CNN

2010-12-20 14:02:55

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has offered to allow UN nuclear inspections to resume following talks in Pyongyang with US troublshooter Bill Richardson, according to CNN which has a team travelling with the New Mexico governor.

Worst floods in 50 years hit West Australia

2010-12-20 09:39:43

Food and water are on the way to people trapped by the worst floods in 50 years around the Western Australian town of Carnarvon, said authorities of Western Australia on Monday.

UN fails to reach agreement on Korean crisis

2010-12-20 09:18:52

The UN Security Council failed on Sunday to reach an agreement on the rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula after an emergency meeting.

Early X'mas treat: 2010's total lunar eclipse

2010-12-20 08:24:42

Weather permitting, sky gazers in North and Central America and a tiny sliver of South America will boast the best seats to this year's only total eclipse of the moon just days before Christmas.

Chinese boat sinks after hitting ROK ship

2010-12-20 08:18:44

An investigation is under way as rescue ships have failed to locate a missing Chinese fisherman whose boat collided with a Republic of Korea (ROK) patrol ship.

27 killed in Mexico pipeline explosion

2010-12-20 06:46:07

Fuel thieves tampering with an oil pipeline could have sparked a deadly blast in central Mexico that flooded streets with fire and killed at least 27 people before dawn on Sunday.

US 'very ready' to counter Iran's nuclear move

2010-12-18 20:53:02

Iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb, posing a threat to its neighbors, and the United States is "very ready" to counter Iran should it make a move

Over 140 inmates flee prison in Mexico

2010-12-18 08:52:06

More than 140 inmates escaped via the main entrance of a prison near the US border on Friday in the biggest Mexican jailbreak since the government began its war on drugs four years ago.

Japan adopts proactive defense policies

2010-12-17 14:15:53

Japan's Cabinet adopted a new fiscal 2011-2015 midterm defense buildup program which eyes more proactive policies and "dynamic defense capability".
Nov 3: Japan, US launch biggest ever joint drill
Oct 22: Goodwill needed from Tokyo