Yemeni president says willing to quit

2011-03-25 22:40:27

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Friday said he is ready to transfer the power peacefully to safe hands.

At least 50 dead in Myanmar after quake

2011-03-25 13:19:32

The 6.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Myanmar on Thursday has killed 50 people and injured 40, with the death toll expected to rise slightly.

NATO takes command of part of Libya operation

2011-03-25 10:28:54

NATO agreed to take over part of the military operations against Libya after days of hard bargaining.

Ban briefs Security Council on Libya

2011-03-25 09:26:50

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged the international community to speak in one voice in implementing Libya resolution.

Yemen opposition calls for massive 'March Forward'

2011-03-25 08:47:44

Yemen opposition groups called on protesters to march on President Ali Abdullah Saleh's Sanaa palace on Friday to demand he step down, hoping to end a crisis his allies abroad fear will benefit Islamic militants.

Rebels try to form govt in the east

2011-03-25 08:31:55

NATO ships began patrolling off Libya's coast as Muammar Gadhafi's tanks rolled back from two key western cities.

At least 37 killed during clashes in Syria

2011-03-25 08:31:07

The main hospital in the southern Syrian city of Deraa has received the bodies of at least 37 protesters who were killed in a confrontation with security forces.

Coalition launches new attacks, US to hand over control

2011-03-25 07:28:47

The US Defense Department said Thursday that new attacks were conducted against Libyan air defense and other military targets.
Air raids in Libya continue amid doubts of motive

Radiation fears hit Japanese food

2011-03-25 06:41:08

Fears of radiation contamination from a crippled Japanese nuclear power plant have prompted governments around the world to take actions.

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in restoration

2011-03-24 16:55:25

Staff from the Tokyo Electric Power Co. are seen checking the meters and collecting readings inside the control rooms for reactors.

Radiation in Tokyo water

2011-03-24 08:54:48

Many shops in Japan's capital ran out of bottled water on Thursday after a warning of radiation danger for babies from a damaged nuclear plant.
US curbs Japan food imports 
China did not turn away Japanese cargo plane

US public support for more nuke power slips

2011-03-24 08:28:56

US public support for expanding nuclear power appears to be slipping after Japan's nuclear crisis.