10 years needed to rebuild damaged NZ city

2011-03-04 07:46:34

It will take at least 10 years to rebuild Christchurch, warning it would be months before they could even begin to reopen the quake-hit NZ city.

Obama expresses regret for deaths

2011-03-04 07:46:34

US President Barack Obama expressed "deep regret" to President Hamid Karzai over recent civilian deaths in military operations in Afghanistan during a call.

Gadhafi forces hit oil areas

2011-03-04 07:02:40

Muammar Gadhafi's forces struck at rebel control of oil export hubs in Libya's east for a second day.
China helps 1,100 foreigners to evacuate

US astronauts venture for 2nd spacewalk

2011-03-03 11:07:38

Two US astronauts ventured outside the International Space Station to conduct the second and last spacewalks.

Media revives doubt over Mubarak's health

2011-03-03 07:45:38

A state-owned Egyptian newspaper on Wednesday said Hosni Mubarak was being treated in hospital in Saudi Arabia.

UN punishes Tripoli over violence

2011-03-03 07:14:13

The United Nations suspended Libya's membership of the UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday, expressing deep concern over the situation in the strife-torn country.

US warships head for Libya

2011-03-03 07:03:37

Two US warships were heading toward Libya as the West started flexing its military muscle.
UN punishes Tripoli over violence

Jobs breaks from medical leave to unveil iPad 2

2011-03-03 06:44:59

Apple CEO Steve Jobs briefly emerged from his medical leave and walked on stage to a standing ovation Wednesday to unveil iPad 2.

Seoul urges Pyongyang to have dialogue

2011-03-02 07:58:22

ROK President Lee Myung-bak on Tuesday urged DPRK to return to talks.

NZ mourns quake dead with 2 minutes of silence

2011-03-02 07:45:10

The jackhammers fell silent, church bells pealed and a Maori lament filled the air as New Zealand came to a standstill to mourn the estimated 240 people killed in an earthquake one week ago on Tuesday.

Iran calls London 2012 logo 'racist': report

2011-03-01 09:51:17

Iran said on Monday it might boycott the 2012 London Olympics because of the event's "racist" logo which resembles the word Zion.