Gadhafi revives offer of vote to end war

2011-06-27 08:22:23

The Libyan government on Sunday renewed its offer to hold a vote on whether Muammar Gadhafi should stay in power.

NATO says hit military targets in Libya

2011-06-26 07:07:31

NATO said on Saturday its missiles had hit a site in Libya used by Muammar Gaddafi's forces to stockpile military supplies and vehicles.

3 al-Qaida suspects killed in Yemen

2011-06-26 07:30:42

Yemeni forces killed three men who were among nearly 60 suspected al-Qaida militants who escaped from prison this past week, officials said.

Global diabetes epidemic balloons to 350 m

2011-06-26 07:16:15

The number of adults with diabetes worldwide has more than doubled since 1980 to 347 million.

Lawmaker: Japan PM could resign before August

2011-06-26 13:26:55

A senior lawmaker of Japan's ruling party says the prime minister could resign before August.

'Planking Thailand' urges people to vote

2011-06-26 07:53:57

Members of a group called "Planking Thailand" make a cross formation, to urge people to vote, a day before advance voting commences in Bangkok June 25, 2011. Thailand will hold a general election on July 3. Planking, the fad of lying face down stiff in often bizarre places for a photo op, has become a global craze.

UN chief urges to fight drug abuse

2011-06-26 08:08:02

Confronting the global scourge of organized crime and drug trafficking is a "shared responsibility,"an UN official said.

Robot, drone fail on Japan nuke-plant missions

2011-06-25 15:26:45

Two high-tech machines intended to help workers at Japan's tsunami-hit nuclear plant malfunctioned Friday, including a long-awaited Japanese robot making its first attempt to take important measurements in areas too dangerous for humans.

Bicycle bomb kills 10 in Afghanistan

2011-06-25 15:19:59

Ten people were killed and 24 others were injured when a bicycle bomb went off in Kunduz province 250 km north of capital city of Kabul on Friday evening, the interior ministry confirmed on Saturday.

Obama extends sanctions against DPRK

2011-06-25 09:42:55

US President Barack Obama extended sanctions against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) for another year on Thursday.

US House conflicted on Libya campaign

2011-06-25 08:36:16

A resolution that bars most funding for the US military mission in Libya failed in the US House of Representatives on Friday...

Greek fighter jet salvaged after crashing

2011-06-23 22:00:15

A handout photo taken June 21, 2011 shows a Greek Air Force Mirage 2000 jet fighter lying in the bottom of the Aegean sea near the Greek island of Samos after it crashed on June 9, 2011.