US vetoes draft UN resolution condemning Israel

2011-02-19 10:35:35

The United States, a permanent Security Council member, on Friday vetoed a UN draft resolution...

27 people killed in Libya protests

2011-02-19 08:27:57

At least 20 people in Libya's second largest city of Benghazi and seven in Derna in eastern Libya were killed in anti-government protests, Oea newspaper reported on its website Friday.

Japan's whaling season halted by activists

2011-02-18 13:56:36

The Japanese government on Friday announced it is ending its whaling season early due to persistent disruptions from anti-whaling activists.

Australian among victims in Vietnam tour boat sinking

2011-02-18 09:27:30

A 32-year-old Australian was among the 12 people killed in a wooden tour boat sinking in Vietnam's Ha Long Bay on Thursday morning.

Strong snowstorms due to global warming: researchers

2011-02-18 09:14:59

The snowstorms lately registered in the United States, Mexico and Europe were due to the global warming.

Egypt: Iran asks for warships to pass Suez Canal

2011-02-18 08:55:59

Two Iranian naval vessels have submitted a request to transit the Suez Canal, Egypt's Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

Snapshots: The world in 24 hours Feb 16

2011-02-17 20:15:21

Snapshots: The world in 24 hours Feb 16, 2011.

15 protesters,1 policeman wounded in Yemen clashes

2011-02-17 20:01:00

At least 15 protesters and a policeman were wounded in fierce clashes marked the seventh straight day of tensions between government backers, police and demonstrators in Yemen's capital on Thursday.

CIA: If caught, bin Laden would be sent to Gitmo

2011-02-17 08:38:41

What would the government do if Osama bin Laden, an FBI most-wanted terrorist for more than a decade, were captured?

US sees Iran's leaders split on nukes

2011-02-17 08:23:01

American officials say that US intelligence agencies believe Iranian leaders are split over whether to use its nuclear program to develop atomic weapons.

VOA, BBC cease radio shows into China

2011-02-17 07:18:09

Major Western media organizations, faced with big budget cuts, are turning to more modern ways to reach out to Chinese audiences.

Iran to unveil project soon to 'surprise world'

2011-02-16 22:02:24

Chief of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said Wednesday that IRGC will unveil a project soon to "surprise the world,"