NATO to take full command of Libya mission

2011-03-28 06:54:52

NATO's top decision-making body decided on Sunday to implement all aspects of the UN resolution on Libya.

Int'l community questions military intervention in Libya

2011-03-27 19:34:58

Doubts, queries and criticisms from the international community are emerging as the West-led military action against Libya continues.

Taliban claim to have kidnapped 50 Afghan police

2011-03-27 17:30:24

The Taliban say they have kidnapped 50 Afghan policemen in the northeast of the country.

5.8-magnitude quake hits offshore Chiapas, Mexico

2011-03-27 15:42:15

An earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale jolted offshore Chiapas, Mexico, at 06:21:01 GMT on Sunday, the US Geological Survey said.

Yemeni president will not quit in 60 days

2011-03-27 14:46:00

The Yemeni Presidential Palace on Saturday denied media reports that President Ali Abdullah Saleh will cede power within hours.

Huge jump in radiation inside Japan nuclear plant

2011-03-27 14:21:14

The radioactivity in water in one unit of a hobbled nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan has tested 10 million times higher than normal.

Libya forces continue fighting over land control

2011-03-27 12:06:00

Libyan government forces and the rebels continued to fight fiercely on Saturday in key military strongholds as Western aircrafts appeared in the sky of Misrata.

Japan crisis far from end: UN nuclear chief

2011-03-27 08:03:08

Yukiya Amano, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, cautioned that the nuclear emergency could go on for weeks, if not months more.

A thousand cranes for Japan's quake victims

2011-03-27 07:46:49

An ancient Japanese legend states that a crane will grant a wish to the maker of a thousand origami cranes.

Powerful quake in Myanmar kills more than 70

2011-03-26 09:17:32

A powerful earthquake that toppled homes in northeastern Myanmar has killed more than 70 people.

Earthquake strikes Myanmar

2011-03-26 08:23:36

A Buddhist monk looks at a damaged pagoda after an earthquake at Wat Chedi Laung in Chiang Rai province, north of Bangkok, Thailand, on Friday. At least 75 people were killed in an earthquake that struck neighboring Myanmar.

Libya agrees with AU's road map

2011-03-26 07:44:00

The African Union (AU) on Friday announced that the Libyan authority has agreed with the five-point Road Map set by the AU High Level ad hoc Committee to the crisis in Libya.