DSK accuser seeks special prosecutor

2011-07-07 10:30:26

A lawyer for the maid who accused Strauss-Kahn of trying to rape her in New York is asking for a special prosecutor to pursue the case.

Pyeongchang to host 2018 Winter Olympics

2011-07-07 08:54:26

After a decade of trying and two heartbreaking defeats, the South Korean city of Pyeongchang finally won the Olympic prize it has craved so deeply.

Netanyahu orders block of pro-Palestinian 'fly-in'

2011-07-06 18:35:37

Israeli Prime Minister authorities to block entry of pro-Palestinian activists planning to travel to Tel Aviv over the weekend.

Venezuela 200 years of independence

2011-07-07 07:58:50

Thousands of people gathered to watch a military parade as Venezuela marked the 200th anniversary of its independence from Spain.

Lagarde signs up to tougher ethics code

2011-07-06 14:15:16

Lagarde, who took office as IMF managing director on Tuesday, has signed up for tougher ethical rules than her predecessor.

China urges peaceful Afghan transition

2011-07-07 06:15:56

China called on the parties concerned to ensure "peaceful, stable transition" in the transfer of security responsibilities in Afghanistan.

Chavez gets hero's welcome after cancer surgery

2011-07-05 18:10:46

President Hugo Chavez received a hero's welcome as he rallied thousands of supporters upon his return to Venezuela, vowing to beat cancer after undergoing surgery in Cuba.

Somali charged with supporting Al Qaeda

2011-07-06 09:44:56

A Somali man was brought to a US criminal court on Tuesday to face charges of assisting al Qaeda and a militant Somali group.

China regrets WTO export ruling

2011-07-06 06:48:11

China's reinforced administration of certain resources products is in line with the objective of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Libya rebels to hold talks in Turkey

2011-07-06 08:16:16

A leader of the Libyan opposition was scheduled to hold talks in Ankara on Tuesday, shortly after Turkey recognized a rebel council.

Tunisian leader gets 15-year jail term

2011-07-05 09:34:26

A Tunisian court sentenced Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in absentia on Monday to more than 15 years in prison for illegal possession of drugs and weapons.

Mladic disrupts court, gets not-guilty pleas

2011-07-04 18:31:03

A defiant Ratko Mladic plunged his Yugoslav war crimes tribunal arraignment into chaos Monday, repeatedly shouting at judges, defying their orders.