Gadhafi's son captured

2011-08-22 06:39:23

Libyan rebels seize control of the Libyan State Radio building (Updating)  Profile: Muammar Gadhafi

Memorial service for Norway attack victim

2011-08-22 06:46:25

Norway on Sunday held a grand national memorial ceremony honoring the 77 victims of the twin attacks on July 22.

Iran defends US hikers' sentence

2011-08-22 07:33:29

Iran said the verdict issued for two US hikers was based on the "right judiciary procedure" and the "independence of judiciary system."

Two trains collide in Egypt

2011-08-22 07:32:17

Two trains collided in Qalyoubia, north of Cairo, on Sunday, leaving at least 15 injured.

6 insurgents killed, 57 detained in Afghanistan

2011-08-21 15:46:38

Afghan police, backed by army and NATO troops, have killed six insurgents and captured 57 other suspects around the country over the last 24 hours, the Interior Ministry said on Sunday.

Brazil lifts U20 World Cup title

2011-08-21 15:23:30

Brazil clinched a 3-2 extra-time victory over Portugal in the under-20 World Cup soccer final on Saturday.

Egypt: Israeli response to deaths insufficient

2011-08-21 12:03:42

Egypt welcomed a joint investigation with Israel on the killing of five Egyptian security personnel during an Israeli border operation, but said the response was insufficient.

International Aviation and Space Salon in Russia

2011-08-21 10:30:49

Russian Air Force jet fighters perform during the MAKS International Aviation and Space Salon in Zhukovsky, outside Moscow.

DPRK top leader sets foot on Russia

2011-08-21 10:11:13

Kim Jong Il passed through Khasan, the border railway station of Russia in the morning of August 20, the official news agency KCNA reported.

B737 crashes in Arctic killing 12

2011-08-21 07:17:22

A chartered Boeing 737 plane crashed Saturday afternoon in Canada's Arctic region, killing 12 people, police said.

Gaddafi blames rebels for destroying infrastructure

2011-08-21 09:07:38

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi blamed in the early hours of Sunday rebel forces in the country for destroying the infrastructures in Libya during a telephone speech.

Iran jails US hikers for 8 years

2011-08-21 08:55:42

Iran's judiciary has sentenced two US hikers detained in Iran on charges of espionage to eight years in jail, the state IRIN TV website reported on Saturday.