Rap music inspires Libyan rebels to defeat Gadhafi

2011-04-24 20:51:55

Rap is more popular than rock and country among the young people in Libya because it expresses anger and frustration.

Turkey chides Obama over remarks on Armenian killings

2011-04-24 20:08:42

Turkey criticized Obama over his remarks on Armenian allegations on the killing of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire.

Libyan tribes try to negotiate Misrata rebel exit

2011-04-24 20:06:09

Libyan tribal leaders are trying to get rebels in the city of Misrata to lay down their arms within 48 hours.

DPRK says will deal merciless blow to aggressors

2011-04-24 20:03:19

DPRK warned on Sunday that if US and ROK dared to launch aggression against it, they would be "mercilessly beaten".

US offers no new peace plan for Palestinians: Abbas

2011-04-24 20:01:42

The United States has not yet talked with Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas about a new peace plan in the Middle East.

US default could be doomsday option for economy

2011-04-24 14:14:49

US has never defaulted on its debt and Democrats and Republicans say they don't want it to happen now.Banker: China should reduce FX reserves

Japan plans massive search for quake bodies

2011-04-24 13:59:36

Japan plans to send more than 20,000 soldiers into its northern disaster zone Monday in an intensive mission to recover the bodies of those killed in disasters.

Israeli killed in West Bank shooting

2011-04-24 13:18:36

An Israeli was killed and two others wounded in a shooting attack near the West Bank city of Nablus on Sunday, the Israeli army said.

Thai-Cambodia clash restarts, toll at 10

2011-04-24 11:56:50

Fresh fighting has broken out at Cambodia's border with Thailand after two days of skirmishes that killed at least 10 soldiers and forced the evacuation of thousands of civilians.

DPRK blames Seoul for shunning talks

2011-04-24 09:57:10

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea on Saturday accused Seoul of refusing to talk and driving inter-Korean relations towards catastrophe.

NATO supplies halted by Pakistan protest

2011-04-24 09:47:34

Pakistan halted NATO supply shipments to Afghanistan on Saturday after thousands of protesters rallied on the main road to the border to demand Washington stop firing missiles against...

120 dead after unrest in Syria

2011-04-24 09:12:28

Syrian security forces fired on funeral processions that drew tens of thousands Saturday.