Sony's 'father of CD' dies at 81

2011-04-24 08:32:51

As a young man, aspiring opera singer Norio Ohga wrote to Sony to complain about the quality of its tape recorders.

Yemeni president agrees to step down

2011-04-24 08:14:20

Yemen's embattled president agreed to a proposal by Gulf Arab mediators to step down within 30 days and hand power to his deputy in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

Cambodia: Thai used chemical weapon

2011-04-23 22:19:34

Thailand strongly rejected accusations it used chemical weapons against Cambodian troops in fighting that extended into a second day Saturday

Thai-Cambodia border clash restarts

2011-04-23 13:00:19

One Thai soldier has been killed and four others injured in a freshest round of clash at the Thai- Cambodian disputed border area on Saturday.

Libyan army to withdraw from Misrata

2011-04-23 12:48:33

Libya's Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim said Friday that the Libyan army will withdraw from the rebel-held city of Misrata.

TEPCO president visits Fukushima evacuees‎

2011-04-23 10:13:54

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) President Masataka Shimizu bows to a resident living in an evacuation centre in Koriyama.

Cambodian, Thai troops fire again

2011-04-23 08:25:40

Cambodian and Thai troops exchanged gunfire again Saturday morning at 6: 15 am over the border disputed area at the Ta Mon Thom temple.

Obama condemns use of force in Syria

2011-04-23 07:03:04

Obama said on Friday that he condemned "in the strongest possible terms" the use of force against demonstrators in Syria by the government.

Mubarak detained for 15 more days

2011-04-22 19:14:38

Egypt's top prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud decided on Friday to detain former president Hosni Mubarak for 15 more days.

Mexican hunger-striker gets trip to royal wedding

2011-04-22 17:20:37

A poor Mexican teenager who spent 16 days on a hunger strike hoping to wrangle an invitation to Britain's royal wedding.

Libya ground forces degraded by up to 40 pct

2011-04-22 17:16:30

Coalition air strikes have degraded Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's main ground forces by 30 to 40 percent.

Samsung counter sues Apple over iPhone, iPad

2011-04-22 16:54:13

Samsung Electronics Co.filed patent lawsuits against Apple over the US firm's iPhone and iPad in a tit-for-tat case.