Don't use weapons to reform: Syrian FM

2011-04-19 10:14:10

Syrian FM Walid al-Moallem said on Monday that "reforms in Syria are existing and continuing, and those who want them should not use violence and weapons."

US denies undermining Syrian govt

2011-04-19 10:10:59

The United States denied Monday that it "is working to undermine" the Syrian government.

Jonathan wins Nigerian presidential election

2011-04-19 10:10:04

Jonathan from the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) has won the Nigerian presidential election.

Arizona gov't vetoes presidential 'birther' bill

2011-04-19 10:09:06

Arizona Government vetoed a bill to require President Obama and other presidential candidates to prove their US citizenship before their names can appear on the state's ballot.

Pyongyang stages biggest magic show ever

2011-04-19 10:04:51

This is magic Pyongyang-style performed in a show touted as the country's biggest ever.

LA Times wins Pulitzer Prize for exposing salary scandal

2011-04-19 09:01:45

The LA Times won a Pulitzer Prize on Monday for exposing a salary scandal in Bell City which led to the indictment of eight people.

NYT and LA Times each win two Pulitzer Prizes

2011-04-19 09:00:07

The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times each won two coveted Pulitzer Prizes for journalism on Monday.

Fears over psychological impact of disasters

2011-04-19 08:59:41

The forbearance shown by survivors of Japan's earthquake and tsunami has been lauded in the West, but psychologists worry not talking about the hurt could be doing long-term damage.

Expanding India faces obesity problem

2011-04-19 08:59:41

Overweight kids becoming more common in middle class families.

Japan might need $100b for reconstruction

2011-04-19 08:53:03

Japan will listen to the world regarding rebuilding initiatives and funding resources for nuclear-stricken regions, said a top Japanese diplomat in Europe.

US dismisses larger role on Libya

2011-04-19 08:46:14

The NATO will continue to lead the military operations on Libya while the US will retain the role to "support and assist".

Last Supper was a day earlier, scientist claims

2011-04-19 06:54:27

The Last Supper took place on a Wednesday and a date for Easter can now be fixed.