Bipartisan US nuke push may be impeded

2011-03-15 07:55:47

The fragile bipartisan consensus that nuclear power offers a big piece of the answer to the US' energy and global warming challenges may have evaporated.

Gay rights cause political strife in US

2011-03-15 07:13:29

The topics of gay rights and same sex marriage are developing into social issues fiercely debated by conservatives and liberals in the United States.

DPRK extends sympathy to Japan over earthquake

2011-03-14 20:40:28

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea sent a message of sympathy to Japan on Monday over the 9.0-magnitude quake.

US warship contaminated by radioactive plume

2011-03-14 19:58:13

The US Seventh Fleet said Monday it had moved its ships and aircraft away from a quake-stricken Japanese nuclear power plant after discovering low-level radioactive contamination.

Indian navy captures 61 pirates in Arabian Sea

2011-03-14 15:52:31

The Indian navy captured 61 pirates who jumped into the Arabian Sea to flee a gunfight and fire on the hijacked ship.

Militants blow up girls school in NW Pakistan

2011-03-14 14:40:37

Some unidentified militants blew up a school with explosives in northwestern tribal area of Pakistan.

Second blast at Japan nuke plant

2011-03-14 12:16:13

The second hydrogen explosion in three days rocked Japan's stricken Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant.
2,000 bodies found on Japan's shores
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Obama pens Op-Ed, calling for more gun control

2011-03-14 09:46:26

US President Barack Obama on Sunday used an Op-Ed article to call for more gun control.

Quake impact on economy 'considerable': Japan govt

2011-03-14 07:51:46

Japan's government said on Sunday it expects the economic impact of Friday's devastating quake and tsunami that followed, to be "considerable".

Japan nuclear health risks low, won't blow abroad

2011-03-14 05:42:40

Health risks from Japan's quake-hit nuclear power reactors seem fairly low and winds are likely to carry any contamination out to the Pacific.

Iran plans to sell its nuclear materials

2011-03-13 23:01:39

Iran's Atomic Chief, Fereidoon Abbasi, said that Iran plans to export its nuclear materials and services to the global market.

Quake-hit Japan nuclear plant faces fresh threat

2011-03-13 10:01:59

Japan faced a fresh radiation threat at an earthquake-crippled nuclear plant on Sunday after the cooling system failed at a second reactor.
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