China to set up 8000 permanent troops for UN peacekeeping: Xi

2015-09-29 00:43:04

China will contribute 8,000 troops for a United Nations peacekeeping standby force, China's President Xi Jinping told the United Nations General Assembly.

Evidence found of summertime water flows on Mars: study

2015-09-28 23:30:55

Scientists have found the first evidence that briny water may flow on the surface of Mars, a discovery that boosts hopes for life on the planet.

Xi pledges $10 million for the UN

2015-09-28 07:00:12

The president also vowed that in the next five years China will help developing countries to build 100 projects about the healthcare of women and children.

Xi's DC visit hailed as success

2015-09-27 05:27:59

President Xi Jinping's first official state visit to the US has been applauded as a success, despite skepticism expressed by some before the trip.

All children having access to education is my Chinese dream: First Lady Peng

2015-09-27 11:01:42

Peng Liyuan says she hopes all the children, especially girls, can have access to good education, and that is her Chinese dream.

China pledges $2 billion to support South-South cooperation

2015-09-27 06:55:00

Xi announced on Saturday that China will provide $2 billion to support South-South cooperation, and called for an equitable development path for all countries.

China unveils 600 South-South Cooperation projects

2015-09-27 08:38:32

The projects, declared at a South-South cooperation roundtable President Xi hosted, covers poverty reduction, agriculture, trade, environment, health and education.

Xi, Obama outline joint vision to combat global climate change

2015-09-26 09:47:48

The global climate change agreement includes new steps they will take to deliver on pledges made in 2014 to slash their greenhouse gas emissions.

Xi proposes six points for developing China-US ties

2015-09-26 07:53:53

Visiting President Xi made the suggestions in his talks with US President Barack Obama, which culminated his four-day first state visit to the US.

First Lady's Chinese dream

2015-09-27 09:16:42

First Lady Peng Liyuan, UNESCO's Special Envoy for the Advancement of Girls' and Women's Education, delivers a speech in English at the Global Education First Initiative event at the United Nations in New York on Sept 26, 2015.

Chinese President Xi speaks at UN General Assembly

2015-09-27 05:48:39

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping on September 26, 2015 at the United Nations in New York.

First ladies name giant panda cub 'Bei Bei' in Washington

2015-09-26 07:07:09

Peng Liyuan and Michelle Obama give the name "Bei Bei" to a panda cub in Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington Sept 25, 2015.