Officer kills armed 18-year-old in suburb near Ferguson

2014-12-25 10:37:10

The mayor of a St. Louis suburb urged calm Wednesday after a white police officer killed a black 18-year-old who police said pointed a gun at him, reigniting tensions that have lingered since the death of Michael Brown in nearby Ferguson.

Sony broadly releases 'The Interview' in reversal of plans

2014-12-25 09:59:17

Amid a swell of controversy, Sony Pictures broadly released "The Interview" online Wednesday.

Tense scenes in Missouri after police shoot another black teen

2014-12-24 21:38:55

A suburban St. Louis police officer shot and killed a man who pointed a gun at him at a gas station, police said.

Ex-President George H.W. Bush taken to hospital

2014-12-24 15:32:24

Former President George H.W. Bush was admitted to a Houston hospital Tuesday evening after experiencing a shortness of breath, a family spokesman said.

AMC silent on showing The Interview

2014-12-24 12:08:53

Sony Pictures on Tuesday approved limited release of The Interview in some US theaters on Thursday, Christmas Day, but there was no word from AMC Theaters, the second-largest US theater chain, on whether it would show the film.

NY steps up to aid slain officers' kin

2014-12-24 12:08:53

As New York City mourned the two policemen slain execution style in their patrol car, the sometimes fractious city coalesced around providing aid to the officers' families.

Severe weather slams southern US

2014-12-24 11:43:37

Severe weather slammed the southern US two days before Christmas killing at least four people and knocking out power to thousands.

Sony to release 'The Interview' in limited theaters

2014-12-24 10:24:27

'The Interview' was put back into theaters Tuesday when Sony Pictures Entertainment announced a limited Christmas Day theatrical release for the comedy.

New York City mayor calls for respect for police

2014-12-23 17:42:44

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio on Monday expressed sorrow for the two slain police officers, calling on Americans to respect and support the police.

UN opens new China Lounge

2014-12-23 10:52:21

The East Foyer of the United Nations General Assembly Building in New York has been renamed the "China Lounge", as the area has just finished renovation under the sponsorship of the Chinese government and was officially unveiled on Monday.

Learning about 'Americanness' from Chinese-American vets

2014-12-23 10:01:50

For an immigration project she had to do in the third grade, Victoria Moy decided to interview her grandfather, who had served in the 407th Air Service Squadron of the Flying Tigers during World War II.

NY reacts to police slayings

2014-12-22 12:30:34

The fatal shooting of New York City police officer Wenjian Liu was the second crime in a week involving a Chinese-American police officer in the city.