2015 Earth's hottest year on record: US agencies

2016-01-21 02:27:45

Last year was the planet's warmest year since modern record keeping began in 1880, two major US government agencies responsible for monitoring global climate trends said Wednesday.

China, US should ensure smooth transition of relationship in election year: ambassador

2016-01-20 17:13:19

China and the United States must work together to ensure a smooth transition of their relationship in the 2016 election year and pave the way for its irreversible growth in the future, a Chinese diplomat said Tuesday.

Former US VP candidate Palin endorses Trump with a 'hallelujah'

2016-01-20 13:24:58

Sarah Palin, the politician-turned-reality TV star offered a passionate endorsement on Tuesday to Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, the reality TV star-turned-politician, declaring that "the status quo has got to go."

Earthquake coming? Ask your pandas, snakes and chickens

2016-01-20 11:36:19

There are more things in heaven and earth, as Hamlet said, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Glenn Frey, founding member of the Eagles, dead at 67

2016-01-19 09:30:24

Guitarist Glenn Frey, a founding member of Southern California rock band the Eagles who co-wrote many of their seminal 1970s hits, died on Monday at age 67.

Chinese student killed in road-rage incident

2016-01-18 12:48:43

A Chinese exchange student at Arizona State University was killed in an apparent road rage incident in Tempe, Arizona.

Zillow reaches out to WeChat, NetEase on real estate

2016-01-18 10:50:59

The increasing influence of Chinese homebuyers has prompted Zillow Group, an online real estate-database company, to partner with Chinese social media app WeChat and web portal NetEase to connect China-based buyers with US real estate agents.

China looks to perform more on world arts stage

2016-01-18 10:55:40

China is willing to deepen cooperation with the US and other countries in the performing arts.

SpaceX botches ocean landing attempt after liftoff success

2016-01-18 04:57:54

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from California on Sunday to put a climate-monitoring satellite into orbit, then turned around and botched an attempted landing on a platform at sea, officials said.

SpaceX blasts off with climate satellite, to re-try ocean landing

2016-01-18 03:19:02

Technology entrepreneur Elon Musk's SpaceX planned to attempt to land the rocket on a barge in the Pacific Ocean, which would mark its second milestone a month after it nailed a spaceflight first with a successful ground landing in Florida.

US imposes new sanctions on Iran

2016-01-18 00:53:34

The United States announced on Sunday new sanctions relating to Iran's ballistic missile program, a day after the Obama administration lifted sanctions on Iran's nuclear program.

Obama: we have cut off every path for Iran to obtain nuclear bomb

2016-01-18 00:38:34

US President Barack Obama heralded the implementation of a nuclear deal with Iran, saying world powers had cut off every path it had to a nuclear bomb and that a prisoner swap showed what was possible with diplomacy.