Lupita Nyong'o's $150,000 Oscars dress stolen from hotel

2015-02-27 09:52:01

The $150,000 pearl-studded, custom-made Calvin Klein dress worn by Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o at this year's Academy Awards has been stolen, police said on Thursday.

China investors top US list of 2013 national security reviews

2015-02-27 09:52:09

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the US reviewed 21 investments proposed by Chinese firms or individuals in 2013, which represented about a fifth of the 97 transactions that were reviewed.

Senior Chinese, US officials meet for Xi's visit in September

2015-02-26 15:43:16

Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi and US National Security Adviser Susan Rice agreed Wednesday that the two sides will work closely and make full preparations to ensure the success of Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to the United States in September.

House Republicans to decide on Homeland Security funding

2015-02-26 14:18:34

Democrats signed on to a Senate Republican plan to avoid a partial shutdown of the Homeland Security Department, putting pressure on House Republicans to drop their insistence that any funding measure reverse President Barack Obama's orders easing immigration policies.

Obama blames immigration woes on Republicans

2015-02-26 10:39:07

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday told Latinos that Republicans were to blame for holding up changes to US immigration laws, urging them to hold Republicans accountable for the problems in the 2016 presidential election.

Starry Night created by lens

2015-02-26 10:05:11

A photographer has used a dazzling technique to snap a series of star-trails mimicking Van Gogh's masterpiece Starry Night.

US astronauts complete second spacewalk, water reported in helmet

2015-02-26 09:19:20

A pair of US astronauts ventured outside the International Space Station on Wednesday for the second of three spacewalks to prepare the orbiting lab for future American crew spacecraft.

How Niagara Falls freezes ... or does it?

2015-02-26 07:25:35

It's a stunning site: Niagara Falls, the world's best-known waterfall, apparently frozen in place.

US announces reward for accused prolific cyber hacker

2015-02-25 13:12:45

The US government has announced a $3 million reward for information leading to the arrest of a man American authorities call one of the world's most prolific cyber hackers.

Killer of 'American Sniper' Kyle jailed for life

2015-02-25 12:04:51

Eddie Ray Routh was jailed for life without the possibility of parole on Tuesday after a Texas jury found him guilty of murdering Chris Kyle, the former US Navy SEAL whose autobiography was turned into the hit movie "American Sniper."

Alaska quietly becomes 3rd US state to legalize marijuana

2015-02-25 11:37:57

Alaska on Tuesday became the third US state to legalize marijuana. But the historic day passed with little public acknowledgement in a state with a savvy marijuana culture that has seen varying degrees of legal acceptance of the drug for 40 years.

Highly skilled immigrant spouses can soon work in US

2015-02-25 11:05:08

Obama administration announced a visa rule revision that will let spouses of some highly skilled immigrants apply to work in the United States starting this year.