Apple ordered to help FBI access terror killer's phone

2016-02-17 14:14:55

A federal judge ordered tech company Apple on Tuesday to help the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) access the phone of a terrorist killer.

White House celebrate Lunar New Year

2016-02-17 10:30:55

It is a stark contrast to see the increasing popularity of the Lunar New Year comparing with the time when it was celebrated by very few Asian Americans four decades ago, according to Tina Tchen, assistant to the President Barack Obama and chief of staff to First Lady Michelle Obama.

'Grim Sleeper' murder trial begins six years after arrest

2016-02-17 10:10:35

Their bodies were dumped in alleys and garbage bins in South Los Angeles, some naked, some covered with mattresses and trash. Most had been shot in the chest after some type of sexual contact, others strangled.

Obama says Supreme Court nominee will be 'indisputably' qualified

2016-02-17 09:49:38

US President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he plans to pick an "indisputably" qualified Supreme Court justice nominee and urged Republican lawmakers to "rise above day-to-day politics".

Cuba, US ink deal to resume regular commercial flights

2016-02-17 09:27:29

Cuba and the United States signed an agreement Tuesday to resume daily commercial flights between the two countries for the first time in more than 50 years.

TPP has slight negative impact on China: US think tank

2016-02-16 22:08:30

The US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which was signed by 12 countries accounting for 40 percent of the global GDP, will only have a slight negative impact on China, according to an authoritative US think tank.

US likely to stay tough on maritime issue

2016-02-16 21:15:07

Observers have estimated that US President Barack Obama's administration is likely to pose more challenges to China's lawful maritime interests.

Jeb Bush gets a brotherly hand from George W. in S. Carolina

2016-02-16 09:54:39

Former President George W. Bush came to the aid of his brother Jeb Bush's Republican presidential campaign in South Carolina on Monday with a rousing endorsement of his character and a call for voters to reject the angry bluster of Donald Trump.

2016 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show held in New York

2016-02-16 09:32:32

2016 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show held in New York

People celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year in Canada

2016-02-15 16:45:12

People perform the dragon dance to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year at the Chinatown in Ottawa, Canada, Feb 14, 2016.

Record-setting cold chills US Northeast on Valentine's Day

2016-02-15 09:46:56

Residents of much of the northeastern United States woke up on Sunday to bone-chilling cold conditions that shattered Valentine's Day records in Boston, Hartford and Providence.

US Justice Scalia, conservative icon, dead at 79

2016-02-14 09:50:16

US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, 79, was found dead on Saturday in Texas, and Obama intended to nominate Scalia's successor, CNN says.