China, US leaders confront epidemic threat

2015-05-13 11:33:34

The 6th George H.W. Bush China-US Relations Conference in Houston discussed how China and the US work together to avert human suffering and economic and social disruption.

Cui Tiankai: What US, China can do for a win-win in Asia

2015-05-13 11:25:24

Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai, invited by the Asia Society Texas Center, gave a speech on the growing importance of Asian Pacific affairs and the key roles that China and US should play in shaping the future of the region.

Amtrak train crashes in Philadelphia, wreckage 'pretty bad'

2015-05-13 10:27:44

An Amtrak passenger train has crashed in Philadelphia, and several people appear to be injured.

Senate Democrats block action on Obama's trade agenda

2015-05-13 09:59:43

Senate Democrats dealt President Barack Obama a stinging setback on trade Tuesday, blocking efforts to begin a full-blown debate on a top priority of his second term.

Survey shows US has become less Christian

2015-05-13 09:03:53

The number of Americans who identify themselves as Christians has dropped nearly 8 percentage points in the last seven years, according to a new survey done by Pew Research Center.

US Marine Corps helicopter missing in Nepal quake zone

2015-05-13 08:47:24

US Pacific Command said Tuesday an American Marine Corps helicopter offering quake relief in Nepal was declared missing with eight people on board.

Talks with Kerry to broach touchy issues

2015-05-13 07:42:35

Senior Chinese leaders will meet with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Beijing on Saturday and Sunday to prepare for key talks later this year amid renewed friction over issues from security to the South China Sea.

Report assails US on human rights

2015-05-13 07:42:35

122 United Nations member states and some 100 related domestic and international organizations said this week that the US itself has a number of human rights problems that violate international benchmarks of equality, justice and protection.

Portrait of a health conference

2015-05-12 13:53:19

Brett Giroir (left), CEO of Texas A&M Health Science Center, and Neil Bush (right) present a photo of former US President George H. W. Bush and wife Barbara biking in Beijing as a gift to Cui Tiankan, Chinese ambassador to the United States, at the opening reception for the sixth George H. W. Bush China-US Relations Conference on Monday in Houston.

Tornadoes kill at least 5 in Texas and Arkansas

2015-05-12 09:24:27

Emergency responders searched through splintered wreckage Monday after a line of tornadoes battered several small communities in Texas and Arkansas, killing at least five people.

Kerry to visit China, South Korea

2015-05-12 06:57:25

Secretary of State John Kerry will visit China and the Republic of Korea in the coming days to discuss a range of issues, including their presidents' upcoming visits to the United States.