5 killed in shootings at Tennessee military facilities

2015-07-17 08:55:54

Shootings at two military facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee, left four U.S. marines dead and three others wounded Thursday. The gunman was also killed later, authorities said.

UN Security Council to vote Monday on endorsing Iran deal

2015-07-17 10:51:18

The United Nations Security Council is due to vote on Monday on a resolution that would endorse a deal placing long-term curbs on Iran's nuclear program but would retain an arms embargo and ban on the supply of ballistic missile technology, said a US diplomat.

Former US President George H.W. Bush hospitalized after neck injury

2015-07-17 10:45:03

Former US President George H.W. Bush is in fair condition and recovering in a Maine hospital after breaking a bone in his neck in a fall at his summer home, his spokesman said on Thursday.

Chinese national pleads guilty in Pennsylvania to test-taking scam

2015-07-17 10:12:00

The first of more than a dozen people charged in a China-based testing scam pleaded guilty to conspiracy on Thursday in Pittsburgh federal court.

Jury decides Colorado theater shooter guilty of 24 murder counts

2015-07-17 09:31:53

A Colorado jury Thursday rejected the insanity plea of James Holmes, who killed 12 people and wounded 70 others in a theater shooting in 2012.

Twins on tandem bikes try to set Guinness World Record

2015-07-16 13:37:21

Over 160 sets of twins and multiple births took part in a attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the largest parade of tandem bicycles as part of a promotional event for the VH1 network series "Twinning."

Mandarin camp starts early

2015-07-16 13:35:52

At Mandarin summer camp, finding the right engaging themes is critical. This summer at the Hudsonway Immersion School, teachers had to come up with themes that appeal to nearly 60 kids ranging in age from two to 12.

Tiny Pluto sports big mountains, New Horizons finds

2015-07-16 11:46:44

The first close-up views of Pluto show mountains made of ice and a surprisingly young, crater-free surface, scientists with NASA's New Horizons mission said on Wednesday.

Uber fined $7M for keeping info from California regulators

2015-07-16 11:16:44

Uber picked up a hefty tab Wednesday when a judge fined the taxi-alternative's California subsidiary $7.3 million for refusing to give state regulators information about its business practices, including when its drivers turn down ride requests and how accessible vehicles are to disabled riders.

Bush, Clinton dominate early 2016 presidential fundraising

2015-07-16 09:55:25

Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republican Jeb Bush account for almost half the roughly $390 million that presidential groups for all the expected 22 candidates say they've raised.

Dunhuang temples' cave art headed to Los Angeles

2015-07-16 09:52:56

An exhibition featuring Buddhist artifacts found at the Mogao caves site in China's Dunhuang will visit Los Angeles next year.

Chinese Freemasons get image fixed

2015-07-16 09:43:26

A scholar and a professor emeritus at the University of Victoria, David Chuenyan Lai, 77, has spent the past 50 years researching the history of Chinese Freemasons in Canada, with only one mission in mind - to keep the legacy of Hongmen alive, even among today's members.