US urges Japan to resolve historical issues via dialogue

2015-01-07 14:30:18

The United States on Tuesday called on Japan to continue to work with its neighbors to resolve historical issues through dialogue after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe planned to include "remorse for war" in a new statement marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Bridge to the past: Massachusetts opens 1795 time capsule

2015-01-07 11:56:13

A 220-year-old time capsule containing coins, documents and other artifacts left by US founding fathers Samuel Adams and Paul Revere was opened by Massachusetts officials on Tuesday.

Gunman shoots one person, kills himself in Texas

2015-01-07 11:12:10

A gunman fatally shot one person and then killed himself in an incident on Tuesday at a US Army facility in El Paso, Texas.

Boehner re-elected US House speaker

2015-01-07 10:07:50

John Boehner narrowly won a third term as House of Representatives Speaker on Tuesday, surviving a stiff challenge from 25 conservative Republicans that may signal a growing split in the party as it takes full control of Congress.

John Boehner re-elected as US House Speaker

2015-01-07 09:55:38

John Boehner, a Republican from the state of Ohio, was re-elected as Speaker of the US House of Representatives Tuesday.

California high-speed rail breaks ground in Fresno

2015-01-07 09:47:14

A groundbreaking ceremony for a California high-speed railway project is a symbolic moment for the state, but there are significant obstacles for the project, according to an urban planning expert.

US 'disappointed' at Taiwan's flag-raising

2015-01-07 09:28:38

The United States expressed disappointment Tuesday over a Jan 1 ceremonial raising of Taiwan's flag in the Twin Oaks Estate in Washington.

Analysts look for 7 percent growth in China, more interest in US real estate

2015-01-07 09:14:46

China will reach its desired growth target in 2015 and Chinese investors will continue to seek commercial real estate in top US cities like New York to diversity their investment portfolios, according to analysts from Prudential Financial Inc.

Chinese solar tariffs may be lowered

2015-01-07 09:13:30

A new preliminary decision from the US Department of Commerce suggests that tariff rates on Chinese solar cells may be halved, after an investigation found that Chinese companies were not dumping products in the US.

'Cherry charters' haul tons of lucky fruit to Chinese tables

2015-01-07 09:12:32

The color red holds a special place in China, especially a rich, ruby red. The Chinese believe red brings good luck.

Obama seeks help of Mexico's Pena Nieto on Cuba, immigration

2015-01-07 08:59:16

President Barack Obama hosted Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto at the White House Tuesday, looking to his southern neighbor for help implementing changing policies on immigration and Cuba.

Two New York City police officers shot and wounded

2015-01-06 13:31:16

Two New York City police officers were shot and taken to a local hospital, police said on Monday night.