Supporters of Brazil's Rousseff clash with police as her removal looms

2016-05-12 11:05:24

Supporters of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff clashed with police outside the Senate on Wednesday ahead of a vote to put her on trial for breaking budget laws, that would mark the end of 13 years of leftist rule in Latin America's biggest country.

Getting some kicks (and paying some tolls) on 'China's Route 66'

2016-05-12 11:03:54

They call a scenic highway in rural Hebei province "China's Route 66". But one thing its legendary US namesake never had was tolls.

Reflecting on Asian political influence in US

2016-05-12 11:03:54

The Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community has grown in numbers and influence in recent years, but there are still challenges to meet if it wishes to play a role in shaping America's future, said US lawmakers.

NY state has much to entice China: expert

2016-05-12 11:03:54

Having received little attention from Chinese companies, New York state is ripe with potential for Chinese investment, even if New York City gets most of the attention of Chinese looking to diversify their overseas portfolios, said Daniel Rosen, founder of the Rhodium Group consultancy.

California, China work to boost business

2016-05-12 11:03:54

China and California, the world's second- and eighth-largest economies, have been working at the sub-national level to seek cooperation in areas such as biotech, clean tech, investment and cross-border e-commerce to boost bilateral trade and investment.

China asks for help in returning suspects

2016-05-12 11:03:54

China called on the international community on Wednesday to help its ongoing efforts to seize suspected corrupt officials who flee overseas and recover their illicit gains.

Guangdong, Michigan: business 'date'

2016-05-12 11:03:54

The ink was barely dry on the new sister state-province agreement between Michigan and Guangdong province when the two regions got down to the business of economic development.

Chinese envoy urges internet service providers to lead fight against terrorism

2016-05-12 11:02:53

A Chinese envoy to the United Nations on Wednesday called on internet service providers to enhance self-discipline and take initiative in the fight against terrorism.

China and US 'need to do more talking'

2016-05-12 01:57:37

A call for more dialogue and communication between China and the United States to build new consensus for joint ties has been made by Fu Ying.

SpaceX's Dragon cargo ship returns from space station

2016-05-12 00:17:59

A commercial cargo ship, operated by US private space firm SpaceX, left the International Space Station on Wednesday morning, after delivering almost 7,000 pounds (3,200 kg) of cargo to the orbiting lab.

China, US to hold security consultation

2016-05-11 18:50:20

China and the United States will hold their eighth Consultation on Strategic Security and Multilateral Arms Control in Washington D.C. on Thursday, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Wednesday.

US guided-missile destroyer visits Tonga

2016-05-11 17:27:01

United States guided-missile destroyer USS Spruance has arrived in the Tongan capital of Nuku'alofa on a routine visit to the Pacific kingdom.