Solar-powered airplane completes ocean crossing

2016-04-25 09:08:11

A solar-powered airplane landed in California on Saturday, completing a risky, three-day flight across the Pacific Ocean as part of its journey around the world.

Rural community rattled by killings

2016-04-25 09:08:11

Residents of the rural southern Ohio community of Piketon are rattled by a rare major crime that took the lives of eight members of a tight-knit family known in the area as hard workers.

171 countries gather to sign Paris pact, record day one signatures

2016-04-23 02:10:36

Leaders from 171 countries gathered Friday to sign the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change, marking the first step toward the pact's entry into force.

Obama calls on British people not to vote to leave the EU

2016-04-22 17:30:05

US President Barack Obama made an impassioned appeal on Friday for Britain to remain in the European Union, saying membership had magnified Britain's place in the world and made the bloc stronger and more outward looking.

China leads way on US adoptions

2016-04-22 07:08:38

China remains the United States' most accessible source of adoptions from overseas, thanks to an efficient system and strong oversight of orphans, according to two experts.

Romantic thriller bridges cultures, worlds

2016-04-22 11:19:46

The independent film Pali Road, scheduled for theatrical release in the United States next week, aims at bridging Chinese and American cultures and shattering stereotypes with its multinational casting.

Canadian PM Trudeau slips from political ring to boxing ring

2016-04-22 10:59:28

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showed off his sparring skills outside the political ring on Thursday, lacing up a pair of boxing gloves for a workout during a trip to New York.

Chinese delegate urges G20 members to start implementing 2030 SDGs

2016-04-22 09:44:30

China's Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and G20 Sherpa Li Baodong urges all parties to start implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Hillary Clinton calls voting for Iraq war 'a mistake'

2016-04-22 09:29:46

The US Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said Thursday her greatest political regret is "voting to give President Bush authority in Iraq."

The life of pop superstar Prince in music and film

2016-04-22 07:58:05

Music superstar Prince died on Thursday at the complex that housed his recording studio and home in a Minneapolis suburb at the age 57. His death stunned a music world heavily influenced by his string of top-selling hits, gifted songwriting and dynamic stage performances.

US singer Prince found dead at Minnesota home

2016-04-22 01:38:48

US pop star Prince, the 57-year-old whose hits included "Purple Rain" and "Kiss," was found unresponsive on Thursday at his Minnesota home and was later declared dead.

Obama strives to mend fence in Mideast before leaving office

2016-04-21 15:31:08

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday met with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz here in efforts to mend ties with the old-time ally before leaving office in January next year.