China looks to wow at CES

2016-01-05 10:31:50

More than 1,100 Chinese companies making up more than a quarter of the 3,600 exhibitors will represent at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, this week.

Obama tightens gun rules, requires more background checks

2016-01-05 10:09:24

The White House unveiled gun control measures that require more gun sellers to get licenses and more gun buyers to undergo background checks.

Oregon standoff over federal control of US Western lands continues

2016-01-04 14:48:27

A group of militiamen, who were in dispute with the U.S. government over the use of federal lands, on Sunday continued to stay at a federal building they took a day ago in the northwestern state of Oregon.

Mark Zuckerberg unveils 2016 plans for artificially intelligent butler

2016-01-04 10:15:31

Mark Zuckerberg wants to build an artificially intelligent assistant in 2016 to help run his home and assist him at work, the Facebook Inc founder and chief executive said on Sunday.

Hillary Clinton raised $112 million in 2015, $37 million in last 3 months

2016-01-04 09:45:48

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign said Friday it raised $37 million in the past three months and more than $112 million in all of 2015 to support her bid for the Democratic nomination.

Militiamen occupy US national parks building in Oregon

2016-01-03 18:37:23

A group of militiamen on Saturday occupied the headquarters of a national wildlife refuge in Oregon in support of two brothers on arson charges.

Revelers embrace 2016 in Times Square amid tight security

2016-01-01 16:13:04

As the glittering crystal ball dropped with live music and the countdown resonating across Times Square, nearly one million delirious revelers burst into cheers, ringing in the new year amid tight security on Thursday.

NSA spying on US, Israel officials to cause backfire

2015-12-31 14:06:51

The White House is faced up with strong reactions from US Congress members, whose communications with the Israeli officials were reportedly tapped by the National Security Agency (NSA), said media reports.

Turbulence injures multiple Air Canada passengers

2015-12-31 10:41:47

Turbulence on an Air Canada flight from China injured multiple passengers on Wednesday, forcing it to land in Calgary, Alberta, the airline said.

Widespread flooding hits US Midwest, rivers still rising

2015-12-31 10:09:06

Rain-swollen rivers in the US Midwest forced the evacuation of hundreds of residents, threatened crops and livestock and left scores of buildings underwater on Wednesday after days of extreme weather in which 24 people died.

Obama visits shave ice shop during Christmas holiday vacation

2015-12-29 10:40:18

US President Barack Obama eats shave ice at Island Snow Shave Ice with his family and friends during his Christmas holiday vacation in Kailua, Hawaii, December 27, 2015.

Yearender: China and US in 2015 - moving forward together

2015-12-29 10:12:28

2015 is the 36th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-US diplomatic relations. In the Chinese Zodiac (Shengxiao), 36 years equals to three cycles of Zodiac years, representing a new start. 2015 marked a turning point for bilateral relations.