NASA awards space station cargo contracts to 3 private companies

2016-01-15 10:01:30

US space agency NASA announced Thursday that it has awarded the second round of commercial contracts to resupply the International Space Station (ISS) to three private spaceflight companies Orbital ATK, Sierra Nevada and SpaceX.

Children at Chinese embassy send best wishes to US cancer boy

2016-01-15 08:36:53

Chinese Ambassador to the US joins some 20 students in Washington DC to send best wishes to the eight-year-old boy who has cancer.

Chinese get onboard, catch Powerball fever

2016-01-14 23:00:18

Gambling-loving Chinese people bought Powerball lottery tickets through contacts in the US, hoping to defy the 292 million-to-1 odds against winning the $1.6 billion record jackpot.

Lottery ticket buyers in US profit from Chinese customers

2016-01-14 21:14:37

Scores of overseas purchasing agents, buying lottery tickets on behalf of Chinese people in Asia, made money as a lottery frenzy recently swept the US.

$1.6 b US jackpot to be split between 3 winning tickets

2016-01-14 16:32:09

The record $1.6 billion US Powerball jackpot will be split between ticket holders in three states - Tennessee, California and Florida.

Obama mulls more sanctions against DPRK: aide

2016-01-14 11:31:49

US President Barack Obama is considering additional sanctions against the Democratic People's Republic Korea (DPRK) in response to its nuclear test, his aide said Wednesday.

Historic $1.5 bln Powerball jackpot sparks US ticket-buying frenzy

2016-01-14 11:30:27

The frenzy to buy tickets was expected to push the largest-ever US lottery prize even higher by the time the six winning numbers are picked on Wednesday.

US Nobel Prize laureates appeal for justice for wronged Chinese-American scientists

2016-01-14 10:21:24

More than 20 renowned scientists published a petition asking an independent investigation into the cases of Chinese-American scientists to determine whether race, ethnicity, or national origin played an illegal role.

Kerry says implementation of Iranian nuke deal likely within coming days

2016-01-14 04:04:04

US Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday that the implementation of the Iranian nuclear deal will take place likely in the coming days.

Obama backs TPP so China doesn't 'set the rules'

2016-01-13 13:34:12

In his final State of the Union address, Barack Obama singled out China in a bid to push Congress to approve the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Obama delivers final State of the Union address

2016-01-13 10:56:18

US President Barack Obama accused critics of playing into the hands of IS by comparing the fight against the militant group to World War Three.

US House passes harsher sanctions against DPRK

2016-01-13 09:43:01

US House of Representatives on Tuesday easily passed legislation to impose harsher sanctions against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in response to its nuclear test.