China looks to perform more on world arts stage

2016-01-18 10:55:40

China is willing to deepen cooperation with the US and other countries in the performing arts.

SpaceX botches ocean landing attempt after liftoff success

2016-01-18 04:57:54

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from California on Sunday to put a climate-monitoring satellite into orbit, then turned around and botched an attempted landing on a platform at sea, officials said.

US imposes new sanctions on Iran

2016-01-18 00:53:34

The United States announced on Sunday new sanctions relating to Iran's ballistic missile program, a day after the Obama administration lifted sanctions on Iran's nuclear program.

Obama: we have cut off every path for Iran to obtain nuclear bomb

2016-01-18 00:38:34

US President Barack Obama heralded the implementation of a nuclear deal with Iran, saying world powers had cut off every path it had to a nuclear bomb and that a prisoner swap showed what was possible with diplomacy.

Obama lifts nuclear-related sanctions on Iran

2016-01-17 10:42:22

US President Barack Obama on Saturday signed an executive order to lift sanctions on Iran related to its nuclear program, the White House said.

US officially lifts nuclear sanctions against Iran: Kerry

2016-01-17 06:11:45

Kerry signed a series of documents including certification to the US government that the IAEA had certified compliance in their report, and waivers to implement lifting of the US sanctions.

Public takes the first glimpse at giant panda cub, Bei Bei

2016-01-17 03:20:10

As Po, the animated giant panda in Kong Fu Panda hits the news headlines and captivates eyes in the US, so does the real giant panda, Bei Bei who just makes his first public debut on January 16 at Smithsonian's National Zoological Park in Washington.

Tennessee couple first to claim Powerball jackpot

2016-01-16 11:09:59

Powerball jackpot co-winners Lisa and John Robinson (L) of Munford, Tennessee and Tennessee Lottery President and CEO Rebecca Hargrove (R) attend a news conference at the headquarters of the Tennessee Lottery in Nashville, Tennessee January 15, 2016.

Kerry to visit China in late January

2016-01-16 09:59:13

US Secretary of State John Kerry will visit China later this month for talks on issues including the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), the State Department said Friday.

Real estate tracking won't hurt market: experts

2016-01-15 13:09:26

The US Treasury Department's move to identify and track buyers of high-priced real estate in New York City and Miami-Dade County in Florida over money-laundering concerns is not expected to have a major impact on those markets, according to real estate professionals.

Empress brought to life

2016-01-15 12:38:42

The story of Wu Zetian, the only female emperor of China during the Tang Dynasty, will be told through a play in the US next month.

US sailors made 'navigational error' into Iranian waters: Pentagon

2016-01-15 10:31:15

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter confirmed Thursday that "a navigational error" had led to the incident in which 10 US sailors were detained briefly by Iran in the Gulf.