250 Santas hit slopes for charity

2014-12-08 09:51:55

Skiers and snowboarders dressed as Santa participate in a charity run down a slope at Sunday River Ski Resort in Newry, Maine December 7, 2014.

China helps fight piracy off Somalia

2014-12-08 09:23:22

A senior US State Department official praised China's efforts in global counterpiracy in the waters off Somalia, a busy sea lane where attacks and hijacking of commercial ships worry many nations.

Key milestones of NASA's first test flight of Orion capsule

2014-12-05 20:31:08

For the first time in more than 40 years, NASA has launched a spaceship designed to carry astronauts far beyond Earth.

NASA unmanned spaceship blasts off for trial run

2014-12-05 20:31:08

US spaceship Orion designed to one day fly astronauts to Mars blasted off on Friday for an unmanned trial run around Earth.

NASA tries again to launch new Orion spacecraft

2014-12-05 19:40:11

NASA took another shot at launching its new Orion spacecraft Friday, a day after gusty wind and sticky valves held up the critical test flight.

Visa extension a milestone between China and US

2014-12-05 14:32:24

The extension of visa validity from one to 10 years for short-term business and leisure visitors is an important milestone in advancing America's ability to attract international travellers, said Arne Sorenson, president and CEO of Marriott International.

Phoenix police officer shoots dead unarmed black man during scuffle

2014-12-05 10:52:20

A Phoenix police officer shot to death an unarmed black man during a struggle and authorities said the officer believed the individual had a gun, in the latest fatal incident amid national turmoil over the policing of black communities.

Full probe promised after NYC chokehold death

2014-12-05 09:49:08

US Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday promised a full investigation into the choking death of an unarmed black man by a white New York police officer.

US House votes to bar Obama's actions on immigration reform

2014-12-05 09:45:45

The House of US Congress has voted to bar the executive branch from deferring the deportation of undocumented workers in the country.

Obama to get most of $6.2B request to fight Ebola

2014-12-05 09:40:22

President Barack Obama will be awarded the bulk of his $6.2 billion request to fight Ebola in Africa, a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee said Thursday.

Obamas usher in Christmas with lighting of national tree

2014-12-05 09:34:57

US President Barack Obama and his family presided over the lighting of the National Christmas Tree on Thursday in an annual ritual near the White House.

De Blasio draws upon his family to console NYC

2014-12-04 22:15:20

He is a white man with a black son, a mayor elected on a campaign centered on mending relations between the nation's largest police force and the communities of color who feel mistreated and, at times, endangered by the police.